Membership in OMORT is limited to qualified individuals in the disaster mortuary community or others with specialized skills who have a desire to serve their community in a time of need.

OMORT members activated for disaster response serve as volunteers but are covered under Workers Compensation in the event of an injury.  Activation is generally limited to a one-week rotation.

For a list of OMORT member classifications please click here.

If you are a qualified professional and would like to apply to become an active member of the OMORT team, click here to download and complete the membership application.

Membership in OMORT falls into one of the following categories:

  1. Applicant Member:  any person who has completed a User Profile and seeks consideration for membership.
  2. Associate Member:  any person interested in learning and contributing to the OMORT program but who, because of their primary occupation, is not available to respond as part of the OMORT.
  3. Provisional Member:  any person who has completed a User Profile and submitted a OMORT application package for review.
  4. Active Member:  any person whose OMORT application has been completed and approved and for whom OMORT has assigned a Position Classification.
  5. Inactive Member:  any person whose Active status has been suspended due to:
    1. Voluntary request for such status.
    2. Failure to maintain training requirements, or
    3. Investigation of violation of Code of Conduct.