State level mass fatality response capability ready and available when called to support the management of a mass fatlity incident.


Support local authorities with the capability to scientifically identify and return the remains of disaster victims to their family in the most professional and dignified manner possible.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS), Emergency Management Agency (EMA), acts as the Executive Agency of the Ohio Mortuary Operational Response Team (OMORT). This includes funding for equipment and coordinating with the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) for exercise participation.

The Wright State University's National Center for Medical Readiness (NCMR) acts as the Sponsoring Agency of the OMORT. This includes all activities associated with Pre-Deployment (Before), Deployment (During), and Recovery/Reset (After).

The State of Ohio, in its disaster preparedness effort, has joined forces with NCMR to develop and implement protocols to respond to a mass fatalities incident within its borders using trained personnel from multiple state and local agencies, as well as other specialized resources in the event of a human-made or natural catastrophic incident.  The investigative and identification process in a mass fatality situation is a multidisciplinary endeavor requiring multiple forensic and medical specialists to come together rapidly often under adverse conditions.

The rapid and accurate identification of mass fatality victims is of critical importance to any disaster mitigation operation. Families cannot resolve issues of probate until a death certificate is issued by the Medical Examiner. OMORT was created to serve the needs of Medical Examiners in their mission to bring dignity and professionalism in caring for the deceased. The OMORT task force duties may include: 

  • Initial Scene Response and Evaluation
  • Processing the Scene
  • Temporary Morgue Operations and Administration
  • The roles of various forensic units within the morgue
    • pathologist
    • anthropologist
    • odontologist
    • radiologist
    • fingerprint specialist
    • DNA analyst
    • funeral director
    • and others
  • Victim Identification,
  • Disposition of Human Remains (embalming/casketing)
  • Personnel Effects
  • Evidence Collection