Strategic Plan

Vision Statement

To better protect you and your family, the National Center for Medical Readiness will lead the world in developing the readiness and resiliency of response teams.

Mission Statement

We improve individual and community-wide readiness, response, and recovery from emergencies and disasters through programs dedicated to saving lives and developing resiliency.  Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, education and training, modeling and simulation, consulting, and research.

Goal 1 - Our People:  Recruit, develop, lead and retain the right staff, faculty and subject matter experts with the right skills to achieve the vision of the National Center for Medical Readiness (NCMR)

Objective 1.1.  Recruit, train and retain a highly-qualified team of staff and subject matter experts.

Objective 1.2.  Create a continuous safe learning culture for staff, subject matter experts and customers.

Objective 1.3.  Ensure accountability and engagement of the staff and subject matter experts.

Goal 2 - Our Capabilities:  Provide timely and relevant programs and services, with a consistent quality experience for our customers and our partners.

Objective 2.1.  Provide timely and relevant programs and consistent quality experiences for our partners and program participants.

Objective 2.2.  Collaborate with faculty and staff across Wright State University and external subject matter experts to maintain our best-in-class reputation.

Objective 2.3.  Establish NCMR as the first-provider of programs and services that puts our partners and program participants on the cutting edge.

Goal 3 - Our Reputation:  Position the NCMR as a leader and partner of choice in developing and delivering effective programs.

Objective 3.1.  Collaborate with world-class providers to enhance our programs.

Objective 3.2.  Demonstrate to partners the value of collaborating with NCMR by displaying our strong organizational capabilities.

Objective 3.3.  Expand and enhance the use of metrics to ensure program quality and effectiveness.

Objective 3.4.  Be a good neighbor in our region, a good citizen of our state and a leading provider of programs and services that enhance the nation’s readiness and resiliency.

Goal 4 - Our Stewardship: Provide sufficient, stable and quality resources to deliver our mission and to provide for long-term viability and growth.

Objective 4.1:  Provide necessary cash flow and expertise to maintain and enhance the physical assets, people, and services of the organization.

Objective 4.2:  Strengthen external financial support through cultivation and passionate stewardship.

Objective 4.3:  Support the growth of shared services with consideration for broader applications

Objective 4.4.  Continually update and maintain our equipment and facilities to allow us to offer the right programs and services at the right time for the right partners and program participants.

Objective 4.5:  Ensure timely, accurate and relevant strategic communications.