Our Technology

J-CORE - the Joint Command Operations and Research Environment - a collaborative command and control civilian/military emergency operations laboratory.

  • State Emergency Operations Center Alternate Site
  • RFID grid with multiple readers to track people and objects during exercises
  • 10-camera HD and IR array to record activities in the technical training zones
  • Isolated Wi-Fi system

Fiber linked infrastructure via OARnet. 

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) testing/training site.

  • Mobile Test & Evaluation Center (MTEC) from Wright State Research Institute (WSRI)
  • Single point of contact to secure following services for clients, including:
    • Test Director
    • Safety Officers
    • Pilot in Command (PIC)
    • Observers
    • COA Applications
    • Flight Plan Support
    • Technical Review
    • Safety Review
    • Data Analysis
    • Flight Reports