Our Facility

National Center for Medical ReadinessThe National Center for Medical Readiness and Calamityville ® Training Laboratory

The NCMR maintains existing meeting rooms and office facilities set on over 50 acres in Fairborn, Ohio, and uses unique props and realistic simulated settings to duplicate the full range of  of hazardous environments seen in both man-made and natural disaster. Our facilities include:

  • ​​Three large meeting rooms with computers and multimedia support
  • The Joint Command Operations Research Environment (JCORE) C2 Suite
  • Breakout and Simulation Laboratory space in classroom building and warehouse
  • Multi-Level Industrial Complex to simulate a variety of environments and scenarios
    • ​20 Silos, conveyor belts, heavy machinery
  • ​Two 180+ acre outdoor areas providing wilderness settings for survival, expeditionary, and humanitarian training (NCMR will coordinate usage on behalf of customer needs)
    • ​CEMEX Reserve (CEMEX)
    • Oakes Quarry Park (City of Fairborn)
  • ​Multiple Technical Training Zones (TTZs) including (not all inclusive):
    • ​Complex Vehicle
    • Multi-Vehicle Pile-Up (I-911)
    • Confined Space Tunnels
    • Packhouse
    • Warehouse
    • High Angle Rescue
    • Cessna Crash (into building)
    • Residential Impact Zone
    • Industrial Sub-Structure
    • Forward Operating Base
    • Heavy Structural Collapse

Our facility resides about eight miles off the Wright State University main campus and two miles from Wright Patterson Air Force Base.