Core II - Operational & Disaster Medicine

6655-213.jpgDivision of Operational and Disaster Medicine

Operational Medicine

Operational Medicine is healthcare provided in unconventional settings where important resources may be significantly restricted. These resources could include limited supplies, expertise, time, location, or climate extremes. Operational Medicine includes, but is not limited to, Military Medicine, Event Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Tactical Medicine, Pre-Hospital Medicine, and Aviation Medicine.

Activities within Operational Medicine at NCMR include:

Mass Casualty Management
Environmental Health
Human Performance (Biometrics)

Disaster Medicine

Response Operations encompass both the third phase of the emergency management cycle as well  as the day to day responses to all sizes and types of emergencies that first responders and healthcare providers respond to throughout the community.
Activities within Disaster Medicine at NCMR include:

Advanced Response Providers
Enroute Critical Casualty Care

For additional information relating to Operational and Disaster Medicine, contact:

Douglas "Boots" Hodge, MPAS
Colonel, USAF (Ret)
Associate Director for Operational
   & Disaster Medicine
(513) 673-9520