Diversity Training

Diversity 101: This interactive workshop is an introduction to understanding the concepts of diversity and inclusion in a modern multicultural context. Participants will explore issues related to their own identities as well as strategies for enhancing empathy, reducing prejudice and increasing their ability to live and work effectively among different cultural and identity groups.   

Valuing International Cultures: This workshop will explore issues related to reducing xenophobia on campus. Participants will examine assumptions related to what it means to be a U.S. citizen, common perceptions about other nationalities and strategies for increasing their intercultural communication skills. This workshop is highly interactive.    

Diversity in the Classroom: This workshop will examine how issues of identity impact teaching and learning in the college classroom. The session will provide an introduction to theories of identity development and how they play out in classroom dynamics and discuss the concept of stereotype threat including ways to diminish it. It will also explore strategies for capitalizing on the teachable moments presented when potentially controversial topics are discussed in the classroom.     

Civility 101: The session will discuss strategies to promote considerate conduct in the workplace and classroom. It will explore the rules of email and social media etiquette, the relationship between civility, respect and inclusion as well as how to respond to incivility in ways that are productive.  

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