Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Ally (LGBTQA) Affairs

LGBTQ & Ally Community Engagement Room

The LGBTQ & Ally Community Engagement Room is located in 016 Student Union and succedes the GLBTQA Resource Room that was foudned in 2011 as a collaborative project of Rainbow Alliance, Student Government, Counseling & Wellness, Office of Student Activities, and the Women's Center.

The LGBTQA Community Engagement Room is now a service provided by the Office of LGBTQA Affairs. The LGBTQA Community Engagement Room offers a DVD & Book library, volunteer opportunities, and more. Email Josh Scacco- for more information if you are interested in volunteering.

The LGBTQ & Ally Community Engagement Room will celebrate its grand opening on Wednesday January 27th, 2015. 


Community Engagement Room Book & DVD Library 

The library is located in the Resource Room in 016 Student Union.


  • Bi any Other Name, ed. L. Hutchins and L. Kaahumanu

Childrens Books

  • And Tango Makes Three, Richardson and Parnell
  • Daddy, Papa, and Me, Aldrich
  • Daddy’s Roomate, Willhoite
  • Heather has Two Mommies, Newman
  • Jack and Jim, Crowther
  • King and King, Haan and Nijland
  • King, King, and Family, Haan and Nijland
  • Molly’s Family, Wooding
  • One Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dad, Blue Dads, Valentine

Coming Out

  • Boys Like Us, ed. P. Merla
  • Coming Out to Parents, M. Borhek
  • Family Outing, C. Bono
  • Out of the Closet and Nothing to Wear, L. Newman

Current Events

  • Cracking the Corporate Closet, D. Baker, S. Strub, and B. Henning
  • Lesbians, Gay Men, and the Law, ed. W. Rubenstein
  • Sexual Orientation and the Law, ed. Harvard Law Review
  • Virtual Equality, U. Vaid


  • Families Like Mine, Garner
  • Family Policy, Cahill, Ellen, and Tobias
  • Family Value, Burke
  • Gays, Lesbians, and Family Values, Say and Kowalewski
  • The Kid, Savage
  • Love Makes a Family, Kaeser and Gillespie
  • Rocking the Cradle, Hanscombe and Forster

GLBT Guides

  • The Homo Handbook, J. Carter
  • Is it a Choice, E. Marcus

GLBT Pride

  • 501 Great Things about being Gay, E. Taussig
  • Completely Queer, S. Hogan and L. Hudson
  • Gay Pride, W. Mann
  • Out in all Directions, L. Witt, S. Thomas, and E. Marcus

GLBT Youth

  • And Then I Became Gay, R. Savin-Williams
  • Being Different, L. Brimmer
  • Growing up Gay, Growing up Lesbian, ed. B. Singer
  • One Teenager in 10, ed. A. Heron
  •  XY Survival Guide, B. Nycum

Gay Men

  • A Boy’s Own Story, E. White
  • Boy Meets Boy, ed. L. Schimel
  • Christopher, A. Burnett
  • Cody, K. Hale
  • The Culture of Desire, F. Browning
  • The Essential Book of Gay Manners and Etiquette, S. Petrow
  • Fairy Tales, P. Cashorali
  • The Gay Male’s Odyssey in the Corporate World, G. Miller
  • Geography Club, B. Hartinger
  • Getting It, A. Sanchez
  • Happily Ever After, M. Ford
  • Huddle, D. Boyle
  • The Ins and Outs of Gay Sex, S. Goldstone
  • International Gay Writing, ed. M. Mitchell
  • Men, A. Warhol
  • Metes and Bounds, J. Quinn
  • The Milkman’s on His Way, D. Rees
  • The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life, E. Orner
  • Openly Bob, B. Smith
  • Rainbow Boys, A. Sanchez
  • Rainbow High, A. Sanchez
  • Sex Advisor, T. Palermo
  • Through it Came: Bright Colors, T. Healey
  • Uncharted Lives, S. Siegal and E. Lowe

GLBT History

  • Becoming Visible, ed. Jennings
  • Before Stonewall, Weiss and Schiller
  • The Gay Metropolis, Kaiser
  • Gay Roots, ed. Leyland
  • Hold Tight,  Bram
  • Making History, Marcus
  • Naked Civil Servant, Crisp
  • The Pink Triangle, Plant
  • Portraits to the Wall, Collis
  • Sexual Inversion, Symonds
  • Stonewall, Carter

GLBT Misc.

  • Anything but Straight, Besen
  • Beyond the Wind, Hood
  • The Color of His Hair, Rees
  • Fun Home, Bechdel
  • Homos, Bersani
  • Leatherfolk, ed. Thompson
  • On Being Gay, McNaught
  • The Other Side of the Closet, Buxton
  • Positively Gay, ed. Berzon
  • Touchwood, Kallmaker
  • Why Gay Guys are a Girl’s Best Friend, Fessler


  • 2002 Pocket Book of Infectious Disease Therapy, B. Lett
  • 2003 Medical Management of HIV Infection, Bartlett and Gallant
  • AIDS: The Women, ed. Rieder and Ruppelt
  • And the Band Played On, R. Shilts
  • Anonymity, S. Bergman
  • Borrowed Time: an AIDS Memoir, P. Monette
  • HIV Prevention Plan for Ohio (1999- 2003), Ohio Government
  • When Someone You Know has AIDS, Montelli, Peltz, Messina, and Petrow
  • You Can do Something about AIDS, ed. S. Alyson


  • Afterglow, ed. K. Barber
  • Between Girlfriends, E. Dean
  • Between Us, ed. K. Turner
  • The Book of Lesbian Sexuality, P. Califia
  • The Color Purple, A. Walker
  • The Crystal Cage, S. Bayer
  • The Dyke and the Dybbuk, E. Galford
  • The Dyke Detector, S. Roberts
  • Dykes to Watch Out For, A. Bechdel
  • Dykes to Watch Out For, More, A. Bechdel
  • Highsmith, M. Meaker
  • Invisible Lives, M. Barrett
  • Lesbian Break-ups, S. Roberts
  • Lesbian Images, J. Rule
  • Lesbian Passion, J. Loulan
  • Lesbian Sex, J. Loulan
  • Lifestyles, J. Calhoun
  • Loving Women, The Nomadic Sisters
  • More Lesbian Etiquette, G. Sausser
  • Rubyfruit Jungle, R. Brown
  • Sappho was a Right-On Woman, S. Abbott and B. Love
  • So You Want to Be a Lesbian, L. Tracey and S. Pokorny


  • Critical Essay: Gay and Lesbian Writers of Color, ed. Nelson
  • The Gay and Lesbian Literary Companion, Malinowski and Brelin
  • Gay and Lesbian Literary Heritage, ed. Summers
  • Gay Short Fiction, ed. White
  • Journal of Homosexuality (vol. 44, 1), Harrington Park Press
  • Journal of Homosexuality (vol. 44, 2), Harrington Park Press
  • The Lesbian and Gay Studies Reader, ed. Abelove, Barale, and Halperin
  • Playing the Game, Austin

Pop Culture

  • Gay and Lesbian Online (3rd edition), Dawson
  • Gay and Lesbian Online (4th edition), Dawson
  • New Queer Cinema, ed. Aaron
  • Open Secret, Ehrenstein
  • Out in Culture, ed. Creekmur and Doty
  • Queer Images, Benshoff and Griffin
  • Subtle Stereotyping, Russell and Kelly


  • The Case for Same-Sex Marriage, W. Eskridge
  • A Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples (5th Edition), Curry and Clifford
  • A Legal Guide for Lesbian and Gay Couples (14th Edition), Curry, Hertz, and Doskow
  • Lesbian Couples, Clunis and Green
  • Lesbian and Gay Marriage, Sherman
  • Money without Matrimony, Garrett and Neiman
  • Permanent Partners, B. Berzon
  • Why Marriage?, Chauncey
  • Why Marriage Matters, Wolfson


  • Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality, Boswell
  • The Church and the Homosexual, McNeill
  • In God’s Image, Cromey
  • Openly Gay, Openly Christian, Kader
  • Our Tribe, Wilson
  • Stranger at the Gate, White
  • Welcoming Congregation, ed. Alexander

Self Help/Wellness

  • Becoming Gay, R. Isay
  • Coming Out of Shame, Kaufman and Raphael
  • Empowering the Tribe, Pimental-Habib
  • Lesbian and Gay Lifestyles, ed. N. Woodman
  • Loving Someone Gay, D. Clark

Social Theory/Activism

  • Activating Theory, ed. Bristow and Wilson
  • Conduct Unbecoming, Shilts
  • Diversity on Campus, Schuman and Olvfs
  • Everyday Activism, ed. Stevenson and Cogan
  • Fear of a Queer Planet, ed. Warner
  • Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Issues in Education, ed. Sears
  • The Morality of Gay Rights, Ball
  • The New Civil War, Silver
  • Queer Theory and Social Change, Kirsch
  • Serving in Silence, Cammermeyer and Fisher
  • Setting Them Straight, Berzon
  • Straight Forward, Ayres and Gerarda
  • Troubling Education, Kumashiro
  • Unpacking Queer Politics, Jeffreys


  • All S’he’ Wanted, A. Jones
  • As Nature Made Him, J. Colapinto
  • Bending the Mold, Lambda Legal
  • Finding the Real Me (2 copies), ed. O’Keefe and Fox
  • From Toads to Queens, J. Schifter
  • Guidelines for Transgender Queer, ed. Bockting and Goldberg
  • The Male Cross-Dresser Support Group, T. Janowitz
  • Opening the Door, Mottet and Tanis
  • Transgender Rights, Currah, Juang, and Minter
  • Transgender Warrior, L. Feinberg
  • Transsexual Empire, J. Raymond
  • Two Spirit People, L. Brown


  • Campus Climate, S. Rankin
  • Crisis, ed. Gold and Drunker
  • Eight Bullets, Brenner and Ashley
  • Gay Issues in the Workplace (paperback), B. McNaught
  • Gay Issues in the Workplace (hardback), B. McNaught
  • Hostile Climate (1997), People for the American Way
  • Hostile Climate (1999), People for the American Way
  • Hostile Climate (2002), People for the American Way
  • In a Time of Broken Bones, K. Whitlock
  • Losing Matt Shepard, B. Loffreda
  • Negotiating Lesbian and Gay Subjects, ed. Dorenkamp and Henke