Welcome from the Vice President for Multicultural Affairs and Community Engagement


photo of dr. kimberly barrettThank you for visiting the Division of Multicultural Affairs and Community Engagement in our home in cyberspace. As Vice President for Multicultural Affairs and Community Engagement at Wright State University, my job has two complementary parts: one is to facilitate the university's work directly related to multicultural issues on campus; the other is to promote collaborations with the greater Dayton community. The goals of these collaborations are to serve the greater good, promote an understanding of the diversity that exists in our community and provide experiential learning opportunities for students— experiences that help keep the learning they do in the classroom relevant and personally meaningful. Desired outcomes for our work related to multicultural issues are to recruit and retain a student body, staff and faculty who reflect our region and broader global society; to create an environment on campus free from discrimination in which all are invited to participate fully; and finally, to provide members of our campus community the knowledge and skills they need to be productive, successful and engaged citizens of a diverse, global society.

Creating an environment in which students learn to look at the world critically and compassionately is my ultimate goal. I hope that the information on these pages helps you to partner with me and the staff in the Division to achieve our shared goal of transforming lives with diversity.

Warm Regards,

Kimberly Barrett, Ph.D.


The Division of Multicultural Affairs and Community Engagement works to transform the lives of our students and the communities we serve by promoting intergroup understanding, equity, social responsibility, and service while working to prevent discrimination. Our work helps to ensure access so that all who can contribute to and benefit from a relationship with Wright State University are welcomed.


The vision of the Division of Multicultural Affairs and Community Engagement is to institutionalize inclusion so that:

  1. students leave the university with the ability to participate in our democratic society as informed, compassionate, and engaged citizens;
  2. members of the campus community are motivated to solve the social problems we share with the greater Dayton area, other municipalities in Raider Country, and the world; and
  3. everyone who is touched by Wright State University is in some way empowered to reach their unique potential.



Honoring our University’s and Nation’s ongoing aspiration to create a sense of community among the many groups that make up our diverse democracy as well as the tradition of shared governance in higher education, we welcome many voices to our conversations, particularly those who have been underrepresented or disenfranchised.


We "walk the talk" of inclusion, modeling the change we would like to see with humility and courage.


We capitalize on the high-level problem solving, creativity, innovation, and synergy that result from partnering with those engaged in similar work.


We strive to help the people with whom we work identify their strengths and abilities to apply to the issues we address together. Our goal is to help others understand and use their own agency. We are servant leaders facilitating the success of students, faculty, staff and our community.


We are relentless in pursuit of our goals related to diversity, inclusion, and civic engagement.


  1. Provide educational programming, professional development opportunities and consultation to promote understanding among various cultural/identity groups and individuals on campus as well as in the communities we serve.
  2. Provide job specific diversity related training to university employees.
  3. Develop strategies to promote equitable treatment of members of the campus community and to prevent unlawful discrimination.
  4. Encourage engaged citizenship on the part of students, faculty and staff through community partnerships, service, social entrepreneurism, political action and activism.
  5. Assist in the recruitment of a diverse student body, faculty and staff.
  6. Facilitate the creation of a welcoming and inclusive campus climate to assist in the retention of a diverse student body, faculty and staff.   
  7. Develop strategies to eliminate the academic achievement gap among WSU student groups.