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MS Degree Program Requirements
Microbiology and Immunology

Students may choose between a research-based thesis option and a non-research based thesis option. Both options require completion of a minimum of 30 semester hours. For both options students must take BMB 7500 and 7520, for a total of six semester hours, and M&I 7260 for four semester credits. All students must also take two seminars with an M&I prefix, for a total of four semester credits. If a student is uncertain of a major area of concentration, the program director will serve as a temporary advisor until the student selects an area and is accepted by an advisory professor.

Research-based Thesis Option: students must take an additional didactic course with a minimum of three semester credits in M&I or one of the life sciences departments. The remaining thirteen semester credits may be taken in a combination of M&I 6990, M&I 8990, and other didactic courses. For the research option, students must complete a research project under the direction of an affiliated faculty member. The student must write and defend a formal thesis based on this research project.

Non-research Thesis Option: students must take an additional six semester credit hours M&I and other life science departments. The remaining 10 semester hours may include M&I 6990 and 8990. The non-research based Master's student is required to do an extensive, critical review of the primary literature in a specific area; this review will include an oral presentation of the review. As an alternative, the student could prepare and defend a proposal in a specific research area.

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