http://webtest.wright.edu is a web server Communications and Marketing uses to test different versions of code and settings changes before updating the "Live" web server (http://wright.edu) . This server is available to anyone using a hard wired machine on campus (or VPN for wireless or off campus) and is a great place to learn new techniques before trying them on the live production web server at http://www.wright.edu. We encourage CMS content editors to use webtest as a place to learn and explore what is possible with their pages. There are however, a few caveats about using webtest we would like to make sure you understand.

Webtest content

  • Content changes that happen on webtest stay on webtest, until it is written over every few weeks. 
  • Do NOT store important content changes on webtest. They will be overwritten.
  • Unless you copy and paste your content changes from webtest server to the live version of the site at www.wright.edu, your changes will stay on webtest. We do not recommend doing this as it is likely that copy and pasting could result in unintended changes due to different node ID's, links, etc.
  • If you copy and paste content from webtest to the live version of the site at www.wright.edu, please be sure to replace any links that include webtest in the URL with www and verify all pieces still work.
  • If you use direct internal node links (node/#####) they will likely have different node ID's when you build the same content on production. The numbers are sequential on both servers.
  • Content changes you make on webtest will NEVER make it to production unless you also manually make the changes on production.
  • Content from production is pulled down and moved to webtest roughly every two weeks.  If you are looking for specific content that was added to production recently it may not be available on webtest yet. This includes accounts and permissions to edit page sections.
  • Images may be broken on webtest that display correctly on production, this will depend on the last time files were pulled down and may be out of sync with some newer page content.

Key differences from the "Live" web server

  • Only accessible from on campus wired IP's
  • Can use VPN to access over wireless or from off campus IP's
  • You may see a security warning for the SSL certificate (you need to accept it)
  • Some path redirects and path aliases in place on the live server may not work on webtest
  • Specific URL paths on the live server point to the static web server, all URL paths point to webtest on webtest
  • There may be bugs on webtest that do not exist on the live server as we could be using different versions of code between.  If you find any PLEASE point them out to us.