Requesting Training

End user training is provided by Communications and Marketing as part of the transition to the Content Management System. While these pages of documentation are intended to provide supplemental assistance to users of the CMS, all users should go through official training with Communications and Marketing before making edits. Depending on the site you will be editing and your specific needs, this may be a one-on-one or group training session.

New User Training

All new users of the CMS will be scheduled for training as they are set up for access. Initial training takes about an hour and will give you the the basic knowledge needed to make basic edits to and manage the content of most CMS webpages. If you do not have access to the CMS please start the process by requesting access.

Ongoing Training

New features, functionality and refinements are continually being added to the CMS that likely did not exist when you were originally trained. Users within the CMS system will be emailed periodically about group training sessions to demonstrate the latest additions to the CMS. 

Advanced or Additional Training

Need advanced training or more training on a specific topic?  Maybe you did not receive enough training when you first started using the CMS?  Please fill out the CMS Request for Training form and include as many details as possible. If you do not have access to the CMS please attain editing rights before requesting training.