Page Moderation

"Page Moderation" refers to the process of how to moderate pages from draft to a published version. When logged in, the buttons below will appear at the bottom of a content body indicating you have editing rights on this page.

  1. View Published: Shows the current published content for the site you are currently on (the live page).

  2. New Draft: Will open your current published content for editing. You may save a draft and wait to publish it at a later date. This draft will not be seen until it has been advanced to "needs review" and then "published".

  3. Moderate: Shows the history of moderation for a particular page.

  4. Nodequeue: Is used for managing the order of content on some pages, likely you will not use this button.

  5. Log: Allows you to note issues with a site such as: emergency, alert, critical, error, warning, notice, info, debug.  Not all users will see this button.

Creating & Publishing a Draft

Create or Edit Draft

To create a new draft or edit a draft you must locate the page you would like to make changes to. If there is not a current draft you would click " New Draft" (below).

If there is a current draft you may chose to view the draft, as well as edit the draft (below).

Saving the Draft

After making changes to the published version or draft you must save it or the changes you made will be lost.

  1. You must save a draft if you wish to publish it or keep it as a draft for future use. You may also delete the page at this point but please realize it removes ALL REVISIONS of the page. A better option might be to unpublish the page until you are sure you will never need any of the content again. To save as a draft you must click the "Save" button.

Publishing the Draft

There are several steps that must be taken to publish a draft after it has been saved.

  1. You must "Apply" the Edit by clicking the Apply button.

2. You then select the moderation option as "Needs Review" or go straight to "Published" depending on your departments workflow. You will again click the Apply button.

3. The last step is to publish the draft.  You do this by selecting "Published" and clicking the "Apply" button.

The Page "Moderate" button leads to a page where the history of content editing is shown for pages on the site.  In the following example we will use the Fitness Center from Campus Recreation as an example.

The Moderation Page

  1. Moderation Tab: You may view the moderation page by clicking on the "MODERATE" tab while in a draft or while viewing a published page or draft.

  2. Revision column: Displays the revision number of the drafts or published content.

  3. Title Column: Displays the title of the content.

  4. Editor/Reviser: Displays the W# of the editor as well as the name of the reviser in the title column.

  5. Date Column: Displays the date and time of the last moderation action.

  6. Revision Actions Column: In this column you can view current or old actions, and revert/delete non-published revisions.

  7. Moderation Actions Column: In this column you can unpublish content so that it would be a draft.

  8. Moderation Action Column Cont.:  In this column you can view the previous actions and the date/person who made these changes.