Adding a Page to a Menu

Menus are an integral part of any webpage. Assigning page content to appropriate menus with logical names is essential. In this section we will break down using menus into a few core parts. Assigning items as an item in a menu, nesting an item in a menu and changing the order of menus.


In this example we see the current page "Welcome Week" is an item in the menu "Activities and Programs" in the right sidebar and is highlighted in green since it is the current page.


Below is menu settings section of the Create Draft/Edit Page for the "Welcome Week" page.

  1. Enables a menu for this page

  2. Menu link title: Controls the title shown in the menu, by default this populates for the page title.

  3. Description: Provides hover text.

  4. Menu: Sets the Menu this page is assigned to

  5. Menu Sub-section: Is used for nesting menu items in a menu.

  6. Weight: Controls where in the list of items a menu item falls. The smaller/lighter the number (-50 is the smallest/lightest) the higher in the menu it will float. The heavier the number (50 is the largest/heaviest) the lower in the menu it will float.


Rearranging and Nesting

If you are logged in to the CMS and have editing rights on a section you can change the order of menu items in that section. By hovering over the menu you should see a small gear in the upper right corner with a dropdown menu.  Select "list links".   On the following page you can rearrange menu items by dragging them around or setting row weights and then saving the settings.


This is the screen you're presented with when you enable the gear icon and click the "list links" link.


  1. Use this move icon to drag the order and nesting of items around. You can move the handle up and down to effect where in the main menu display the item will be shown, or you can also move a menu item left and right and make that menu item nested inside (or a child) of a menu item of your choice. We can see that "List of Fraternities" and "List of Sororities" are nested inside the Organizations menu item. At this point those links are considered a group now, the Organizations group. Continue on to the next tab to learn more about the grouping.

  2. This link allows you to toggle between using the move icon and row weights, its probably easier just easier to leave move icons active rather than switching to row weights.

  3. Save your changes.


When you have a group of menu items in the navigation you will notice that the containing menu item is not actually a link.  On the Fraternities and Sororities page an example of this is the "Organizations" menu item in the right sidebar.  Notice when clicking on this item it is not actually linking us to another page and is simply opening and closing the nested items.  This is accomplished by editing a menu item (Not the menu! Please dont change those settings). 

Start by going to the "list links" item in the drop down.


Then select the "edit" operation for the "Organizations" menu item.


  1. Set the Path to "<front>".  The system will automatically make this type of link expand and collapse instead of a link to another page.

  2. Make sure the menu item check box is checked to "Show as expanded".  If not the item will not expand correctly.

  3. Save your work.