Logging In and Out

You need to log in to edit any content. Once logged in you will remain logged in for up to four hours of inactivity, you quit the browser, or you log out of the CMS. 

Logging In

  1. Open a new browser tab or window (Ctrl+t or Ctrl+n on Windows; ⌘+t or ⌘+n on Mac).
  2. Go to the user page on the site you are trying to edit. https://www.wright.edu/user for the main WSU site. Logging into the main WSU site does not gain you access to other CMS sites like nursing.wright.edu for example. To log into nursing you need to go to https://nursing.wright.edu/user. For any WSU site just add "/user" to the end of the URL to login. You can be logged into multiple sites at once if you have editing rights on multiple.
  3. Enter your Campus username and password (w001xyz and password used for WINGS login)
  4. Click the "Log in" button

It is important to understand that your session with the CMS is only active over URL's while using the secured https protocol.

Login screen

Logging Out

  1. While logged into the CMS, go to any page over the https protocol, for instance https://www.wright.edu  
  2. You should see a black and grey menu bar at the top of your browser.  On the right of the black bar is a "Log out" link.  Click on it.
  3. You should now be logged out of the CMS and will not see the black and grey bars at the top of your screen over https.

Log out screen