Embedded Content

Content embedding is something that will typically be done during the site building process, however it is still good to understand what these specific tags are doing on your page.


To insert a Drupal View (a database query built by the Web Team for calendar events and other dynamic content made of multiple nodes) in a content area use the following tag. For example, a calendar feed of the upcoming academic events.

[view name=calendar_regular_block_style display=three_depth filter=12] 

Would import the following content:

5:30 pm
Sinclair Conference Center - 444 W. Third Street, Bldg. 12, Dayton, OH 45402
5:30 pm
Schuster Hall, Creative Arts Center
8 pm
Schuster Hall, Creative Arts Center

In this second example of code you can see that a filter can also be supplied to the view for a subset of information.

[view name="scholarships" display="page_1" filter="606"]


With Embedding Nodes you are pulling existing Wright State website content to your site. This feature is pretty handy as it allows us to:

  • feature content that exists on another page and/or in another workbench
  • avoid making duplicate/redundant pages
  • allow your desired content to automatically update when the original content is changed

Short Code Method:

To find the Node ID (NID) of a page, just use the ID next to your name, date and time listed just above the buttons at the bottom of the page.  If you do not have editing rights to the node you want to insert into another page, please file a help ticket to the Web Team and we can provide NIDs quickly. Note that this tag uses two sets of brackets and the others do not.

To insert a Drupal Content Node from another page you can use the node embed tag below.  

This code would embed the body content from the page with the ID 315 into the page.

[­­­­­node id="315"]

This code would embed the body content from the page with the ID 23 from the nursing site into the current page.  It is also excluding the content marked with the excerpt identified as "fees".

On the node you want to excerpt from use the following codes wrapped around the appropriate content

[excerpt id=visitorparking] 

The following code would then need to be added to the page you want the excerpt displayed on.
[node site="www" id="396" excerpt="visitorparking"]
You also have the ability to override the "Style Tags" field of Promo Block content using the "style-tags" attribute. Any classes listed in this attribute replace those defined in the node's Style Tags field. For example:
[node site=www id=15523 style-tags="box-type-2 width-50 align-left height-225 bordered"]

Menu Blocks

The following code allows a whole menu to be inserted into the body section of a page.

[menu id="menu-financial-aid-paying"]