Drupal Toolbar and User Page

Once you have logged into the CMS, you will be taken to the user page. The gray and black bars at the top of your browser window are the CMS administrator toolbar. When these bars appear, you are logged into the CMS.

In the center of the screen, you should see your name and Drupal member status. You should also see "Hello First Name Last Name" in the top right corner of the toolbar, next to the "Log out" link. Drupal automatically records your work and tags it with your user name and a date stamp.

User screen

My Workbench

  1. My Workbenchdisplays recent content in your designated workbench, drafts/content you've worked on recently, content that needs to be reviewed, etc.
  2. Content: displays all content entered into the CMS; by default, it appears in descending date order
  3. CMS User Guide: Step-by-steps on how to do user the CMS
  4. Hello: your name and a link back to this page
  5. Log out: a link to log out of the CMS
  6. Add content: this tool adds a new piece of content to the CMS
  7. Find content: this tool searches through existing CMS content
  8. Menus: Lists the menus you are able to edit
  9. Your account information
  10. Events: A link to events you have entered on the calendar and can edit
  11. Broken links: A list of broken links on pages you have edited

*The small black arrow in the top right corner of the toolbar expands and collapses the gray toolbar.