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Tweet Your Way to Success with Twitter Chats

Q. What’s one of the best ways to learn how to be more successful in social media marketing?

A. Watch and learn what industry leaders are doing.

It would probably be a bit odd to go out with binoculars and manually hunt down these leaders’ actions (perhaps even a bit illegal), so here’s how you can do it better: Follow them on Twitter and participate in Twitter chats.

What is a Twitter chat? These digital conversations are typically scheduled weekly and are an hour long. Each twitter chat has its own hashtag. Search for the hashtag and sort your search results in chronological order by selecting “Latest” from the options. By refreshing your browser window or screen, you can continue to see new content added to the conversation.

Twitter chats are often in a Q&A format, so the moderator will post questions with the tagged question number, e.g., “Q1: What is the most important part of … #[chat’s hashtag].” Participants can then respond to the posed question with a corresponding tagged answer, e.g. “A1: The most important part is… #[chat’s hashtag].”

Through regular participation in industry Twitter chats, you can network with industry leaders, elevate your personal and professional brand, and gain insider tips and tricks.

As of April 2017, here are some popular Twitter chats you may consider looking into, though keep in mind that chats, dates, and times are subject to change:

Day Hashtag Topic Time
Monday #MMChat social media 8 p.m.
Tuesday #SMTlive social media 2nd, 4th Tuesday at noon
Tuesday #casesmc (CASE) higher ed social 2 p.m.
Tuesday #RaganChat PR, communications 3 p.m.
Tuesday #SocialROI  social media 6 p.m.
Wednesday #BrandChat branding, social 11 a.m.
Wednesday #CommChat (IABC) social, communications noon
Wednesday #SMchat social media 1 p.m.
Wednesday #AdWeekChat (AdWeek) advertising, social 2 p.m.
Wednesday #SproutChat (Sprout Social) social media 3 p.m.
Thursday #TwitterSmarter social media 1 p.m.
Thursday #HBRogue business 2 p.m.
Thursday #Luv4Social social media 2 p.m.
Thursday #HootChat (HootSuite) social media 3 p.m.
Thursday #MediaChat social, online media 10 p.m.