Garden for the Senses

Opened in 1979, the Garden for the Senses is a combination of meadow and woodland situated on five acres of land just to the east of the campus housing. As its title suggests, this peaceful getaway provides a unique setting for instruction and appreciation based on the five senses, with a particular focus on handicapped accessibility. When entering the garden, the visitor can choose many different pathways to follow. The middle, paved pathway is edged by a triangular flower bed on either side and each bed has a surrounding gravel pathway. Continuing straight, the path leads to another flower bed that divides the path in two. These two paths, as well as the gravel paths all lead to a wide, trellised awning spanning the width of the entrance. Benches are nestled beneath this canopy and afford a peaceful place to absorb the myriad colorful flowers and lush foliage. Beyond the colorful entry way is a more wooded area. The combination of warm, open sunny areas and cool, shaded spaces makes this sensory area inviting year round.