Technology Bases Learning with Disability

Doctoral Programs

These Ph.D. programs include the Technology-based Learning with Disability concentration.

[BMS] Biomedical Sciences

The Biomedical Sciences Ph.D. program is a vigorous interdisciplinary learning community that has been training students in biomedical sciences for 25 years. It involves faculty from three colleges at Wright State University as well as researchers at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and local hospitals. The program is large enough to have state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and yet small enough to train students emphasizing one-on-one student-faculty mentoring.

[CSE] Computer Science & Engineering

In a rapidly changing world accurate and timely information is critical to much of what we do and Computer Science and Engineering is at the heart of it. Doctoral students conduct research in several well-equipped laboratories dedicated to such areas as multimedia systems, evolvable hardware, bioinformatics, and mobile communications. The Wright Center of Innovation provides an excellent conduit for industry partnership.

[EGR] Engineering

The Ph.D. in Engineering Program prepares students for exciting opportunities through its interdisciplinary and collaborative approach. The program comprises three engineering departments and six focus areas, and works in concert with DAGSI, providing Wright State students with the resources of five area universities. The program affords students the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research with a world class engineering faculty and in Air Force research labs.

[HFIO] Human Factors/Industrial Organization Psychology

The HFIO Ph.D. program, offered by the Department of Psychology, is designed to study how people and organizations work. The interests of our faculty range from the neuro-physiological basis for individual human performance, to performance of human-machine systems, to the performance of complex organizations. Many on our faculty work closely with researchers in the Human Effectiveness Branch of the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson AFB and with local industries to study human performance in complex socio-technical systems. A wide range of research experience is available to our students from state-of-the-art simulators and VR systems to field settings where students can observe from within complex organizations.

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