Technology Bases Learning with Disability


Faculty and Staff

Program Director

Dr. John M. Flach

Dr. Flach's Picture

Chair And Professor, Department of Psychology 

  College Of Science &  Mathematics
Department: Psychology
Address: 335 Fawcett Hall
Phone: 937/775-2391


Research Interests:  Perceptual-motor skill, manual control, decision-making, cognitive systems engineering, human-machine interface design (particularly in the domains of aviation, medicine, and virtual reality), and ecological psychology.

Affiliated Faculty

  Dr. Gerald M. AlterDr. Alter's Picture

Professor, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular    Biology

Director, Biomedical Sciences Ph.D.Program

Coordinator, Initiative for Biological Computation

School of Medicine and College of Science &


Address: 238 Biological Sciences Building
Phone: 937/775-2200


Research Interests:  The research interests of the Alter laboratory are focused on protein/enzyme three dimensional structures, protein structural dynamics, and protein/enzyme activities, all under in vivo conditions. Our laboratory predicts protein structures using computational methods and tests these methods by matching predicted with observed chemical and physical properties of the proteins.

Dr. Francisco Alvarez

Dr. Alvarez's Picture

Associate Professor, Anatomy & Physiology,

  School  of Medicine
Title: Associate Professor
Department: Neuroscience
Address: 009 Math/Microbiology Bldg.
Phone: 937/775-2513

Research Interests:  postnatal maturation of structure, molecular composition and synaptic function of key inhibitory circuits in the spinal cord.

Dr. Mary Ellen Bargerhuff

Dr. Bargerhuff Picture

Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher

  Education, Intervention Specialist
Department: Teacher Education
Address: 347 Allyn Hall
Phone: 937/775-2022

Research interests: equitable

educational opportunities for

all students, including those with disabilities through inclusive learning environments and collaboration between special and general educators and the community.

Dr. Kevin B. Bennett 

Dr. Bennett's Picture


Professor, Psychology
Department: Psychology
Address: 319e Fawcett Hall
Phone: 937/775-2444

Research Interests:  human-computer interaction, decision support, virtual environments, and cognitive psychology. Dr. Bennett's primary research interest is in display design. Advances in computer science (e.g., graphics display technology, virtual environments, force-feedback joysticks) provide powerful new tools that greatly expand the potential to improve decision support in human-machine systems.

Dr. Nikolaos G. Bourbakis

Dr. Bourbakis's Picture


OBR Distinguished Professor of Informatics

Director of the Information Technology Research

  Institute  (ITRI)
Departments: Computer Science and Engineering

  and Biomedical, Industrial and  Human Factors

Address: 351 Russ Engineering Center
Phone: 937/775-5138


Information security (encryption, information hiding, compression), computer systems (distributed, formal languages, processors, modeling), applied artificial intelligence (knowledge representation, planning, learning, autonomous agents, natural language processing), machine vision and image processing (architectures, languages, algorithms), Robotics (navigation, grasping, 3-D space maps, walking), assistive technology for people with disabilities

Dr. Herbert A. Colle  

Dr. Colle's Picture

Professor , Department of Psychology; College 

  of Science & Mathematics
Department: Psychology
Address: 335 Fawcett Hall
Phone: 937/775-2391

Research Interests: 

Spatial Displays/Knowledge  Representation, Working

Memory,  Mental Workload/Attention,    Keyboard Design.

Dr. Timothy Cope

Dr. Cope's Picture


Professor & Chair, Department of Neuroscience,

  Cell Biology and Physiology, School of Medicine      and College of Science and Mathematics
Address: 235-C Biological Sciences Building
Phone: 937/775-3067


Research Interests:  Center on motor control and sensorimotor integration in the mammalian spinal cord. Using predominantly electrophysiological methods we study spinal motoneurons, muscle stretch afferents, and their central synapses. We are actively examining how these neurons and synapses respond soon and long after peripheral nerve injury and after manipulations in the functional relations between nerve and muscle.

Dr. Herbert E. Dregalla

Dr. Dregalla's Picture

Chair And Professor of Music
Department: Music
Address: M153d Creative Arts Center
Phone: 937/775-3785

Interests:  Instrumental music and music education.  

Dr. Robert Fyffe

Dr. Fyffe's Picture

Professor, Director of The Center For Brain Research,Professor Of Neuroscience, Cell Biology

  and Physiology

Associate Dean For Research Affairs, School

  of Medicine
Department: Research Affairs – School of 

Department: Neuroscience
Address: 002a Math/Microbiology Bldg.
Phone: 937/775-3018

Research Interests:  synaptic mechanisms and integrative properties of mammalian spinal cord and brainstem neurons and neural circuits. Current studies are focused on the patterns of expression, and sub cellular localization, of ion channels and neurotransmitter receptors in several functional classes of central neurons, using various immunohistochemical, microscopic and ultra structural analytical methods.

Dr. John C. Gallagher
Dr. Gallagher's Picture

Assistant Professor, Computer Science and

Type: Faculty
Department: Computer Science
Address: 259 Russ Engineering Center
Phone: 937/775-3929

Neural networks, computational neuroscience, machine intelligence, genetic algorithms, evolvable hardware, autonomous robotics

Dr. Jennie J. Gallimore Dr. Gallimore's Picture

Professor of Biomedical, Industrial and Human

  Factors Engineering
Department: BIE
Address: 207 Russ Engineering Center
Phone: 937/775-5072

Research Interests:  human performance in complex systems such as aerospace systems and health care systems, human computer interaction, decision support systems, informatics, human performance in virtual environments.

Dr. Robert H. Gilkey
Dr. Gilkey's Picture

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

  College of Science & Mathematics
Department: Psychology
Address: 335 Fawcett Hall
Phone: 937/775-3337

Research Interests:  to specify the mechanisms underlying sound localization and masking. Understanding sound localization is an important step in the development of efficient 3-dimensional auditory displays and compelling virtual environments.

Dr. Forouzan Golshani
Dr. Golshani's Picture

NCR Distinguished Professor
Dean, College of Engineering

CSU Long Beach

1250 Bellflower Blvd.

Long Beach, California 90840-8306

Phone:  562/985-5123



Research Interests:  Digital video processing, image analysis, indexing and classification, correlated media synthesis, multimedia information systems, information security

Dr. Tarun Goswami

Associate Professor

Office: 257 Russ
Phone: 937-775-5048
Fax: 937-775-7364

His research include developing wear prediction models to develop longer lasting total joint replacements and developing materials for such applications.

Dr. Ramana Grandhi
Dr. Grandhi's Picture

Distinguished Professor of Research

Department of Mechanical and Material  Engineering

Office: 210 Russ Engineering Center
Phone: 937/775-5090


Research Interests:  Structural optimization, mechanical vibrations, finite-element methods, metal-forming processes design.

Dr. Douglas S. Lehrer

Dr. Lehrer's Picture

Associate Professor, Psychiatry
  Department: Psychiatry
Medical Director, Boonshoft Schizophrenia Center,

  Wallace-Kettering Neuroscience Institute

3533 Southern Blvd, Suite 5200
Kettering, Ohio 45429
Phone: (937) 395-8251
Fax: (937) 395-8229

Research Interests:  Neuroimaging of major mental disorders, Innovative treatment for psychotic disorders,
forensic psychiatry

Dr. S. Narayanan

Dr. Narayanan's Picture

Professor And Chair, Biomedical,  Industrial and

  Human Factors Engineering Department:Bio Med

Address: 207 Russ Engineering Center
Phone: 937/775-5044

Research Interests:  Designing interactive systems to aid humans in performing cognitively complex tasks such as planning, information retrieval and synthesis, and troubleshooting.  His research has an interdisciplinary thrust with the following themes:  cognition, computational representation, interactivity, and application.

Dr. Daniel T. Organisciak  
Dr. Organisciak's Picture

Professor, Chair & Professor of Biochemistry &

  Molecular Biology
Department: Biochemistry And MolecularBiology

Address: 203 Biological Sciences Building
Phone: 937/775-3041

Research Interests:  effects of environmental light and aging on retinal membranes and the effects of circadian rhythms on retinal degeneration. Our long-term goal is to understand the mechanism of intense light mediated destruction of visual cells and the role that antioxidants play in preventing or reducing cell death.

Dr. Chandler A. Phillips

Dr. Phillips

Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Industrial

  Engineering And Human Factors Engineering

Department: Bio Med
Address: 204 Russ Engineering Center
Phone: 937/775-5067

Research Interests: the bio mechanics and energetics of skeletal and cardiac muscle, and also neuromuscular and sensory feedback control in ergonomics and rehabilitation.

Dr. Michael L. Raymer Dr. Raymer's Picture

Assistant Professor, Computer Science &

Department: Computer Science
Address: 338 Russ Engineering Center
Phone: 937/775-5110

Evolutionary computation, machine learning, pattern recognition, computational biology, protein structure and function, protein-water interactions, bioinformatics

Dr. David B. Reynolds  Dr. D. Reynold's Picture

Associate Professor Of Biomedical, Industrial and      Human Factors Engineering; Assistant Chair

Biomedical Engineering Program Director
Department: Bio Med
Address: 206 Russ Engineering Center
Phone: 937/775-5068

Research Interests:  include fuzzy control of systems to restore movement of paralyzed persons or amputees with prosthetic limbs and joints, pneumatic muscles and MEMS for biomedical applications.

Dr. Blair A. Rowley  

Dr. Rowley's Picture

Professor of Biomedial, Industrial, And Human

  Factors Engineering; Director

E&CS Freshman Engineering Program
Department: Biomedical, Industrial, & Human Factors
Address: 247 Russ Engineering Center
Phone: 937/775-5073

Research Interests: The education of biomedical engineers, and the research and development of medical devices, computers in medicine, and rehabilitation engineering.

Dr. Wayne L. Shebilske Dr. Shebilske's Picture

Professor, Department of Psychology
Department: Psychology
Address: 335 Fawcett Hall
Phone: 937/775-2399

Research Interests: Instruction for Complex Skills.

Dr. Clark Shingledecker Dr. Shingledecker's Picture

Research Professor, PI Starting Wright Program; Learning with Disability Program Office

Address: 358 Russ Engineering Center

Phone:  937/775-5121


Research Interests: Sensory disabilities, human machine interaction, cognitive psychology

Dr. Julie A. Skipper  Dr. Skipper's picture

Assistant Professor, Biomedical, Industrial and Human Factors Engineering
Department: Bio Med
Address: 207 Russ Engineering Center
Phone: 937/775-5097


Research Interests:  diagnostic medical imaging, image processing, hyperspectral imaging, data fusion

Dr. Debra Steele-


Dr. Steele-Johnson's picture

Associate Professor, Psychology
Department: Psychology
Address: 319b Fawcett Hall
Phone: 937/775-3527

Research Interests:  Industrial/Organizational Psychology: Motivation Training 

Dr. Thomas Sudkamp

Chair, Computer Science and Engineering Dept.


Office: 431 Russ
Phone: 937-775-5118

Fuzzy set theory, soft computing, approximate reasoning

Dr. Scott Watamaniuk

Dr. Watamaniuk's Picture

Associate Professor, Psychology
Department: Psychology
Address: 313e Fawcett Hall
Phone: 937/775-3563

Research Interests:  2D & 3D visual motion processing, smooth pursuit eye movements, video-based navigation, brain activation to visual motion.

Dr. Michele Wheatly

Dr. Wheatly's Picture

Dean of Science and Mathematics

Professor of Biological Sciences
Department: Science & Mathematics
Address: 134 Oelman Hall
Phone: 937/775-2611




Research Interests:  Temporal and spatial regulation of genes coding for Ca2+ pumps, exchangers and channels. Molecular evolution of Ca2+ transporting proteins. Physiological complexity. Biologically inspired adaptive interfaces.  Access of underrepresented groups to STEM discipline

Supporting Staff and Scholar

Mrs. Cindy Boone

Mrs. Boone's Picture

Program Coordinator

Learning with Disability Program Office

Address:  354 Russ Engineering Center

Phone: 937/775-5123

Fax:  937/775-5133



Dr. P. Ruby Mawasha  Dr. Mawasha's Picture

Assistant Dean, College of Engineering

  and Computer Science
Department: Egr & Comp Science-Admin
Address: 405 Russ Engineering Center
Phone: 937/775-5001

Research Interests:  the areas of specialization include two-phase flow and boiling heat transfer, thermo-fluids science, bioengineering, and applied mathematics; engineering education. 

Mrs. Katherine L. Myers

Mrs. Myer's Picture

Associate Director, Office of Disability Services
Department: Office of Disability Services
Address: 023 Student Union
Phone: 937/775-5680

Research Interests:  assistive technology for people with disabilities.

Mr. Michael C. Reynolds Mr. Reynold's Picture

Assistant Dean, College of Science And Math
Department: Science & Mathematics- Admin
Address: 134 Oelman Hall
Phone: 937/775-3203


Ms. Heidi Cowan

Mrs. Cowan's  Picture

Support Staff, Biological Sciences
Department: Biological Sciences
Address: 023 Student Union (SU)
Phone: 937/775-3914

Research interests include how students who are blind or visually impaired learn mathematics.


Mr. Jeffrey Vernooy

Mr. Jeffrey Vernooy's picture

Director, Office of Disability Services
Department: Office of Disability Services
Address: 023 Student Union
Phone: 937/775-5680

Research Interests:  Academic Support programs for students with disabilities in post secondary education.  Technology that assists students in the process of learning.

Student with disabilities transitioning from school to work




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