Technology Bases Learning with Disability

First International Technology-based Learning with Disability Conference (LWD-07) Highlights


LWD-07 took place on July 19-20, 2007 at the Student Union of Wright State University located in Dayton, OH. 138 participants were registered and 33 refereeed papers were presented during six technical sessions.   Conference Proceedings

The conference began with opening remarks from the Conference Chairs (Dr. Forouzan Golshani and Dr. Michele Wheatly) and the President of the University (David Hopkins).   Dr. Marcia Scherer the director of the Institute for Matching Person & Technology gave the keynote presentation entitled:  Leaving the State of Stuck:  Technologies for Being Connected and Getting Around.

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                                Dr Wheatly and Dr. Golshani

                                                                 Dr Wheatly and Dr. Golshani


            Dr. Forouzan Golshani                                   Dr. David Hopkins

                       Dr. Forouzan Golshani                                                               Dr. David Hopkins

         Dr. David Hopkins with Keynote Speaker Marcia Scherer                              Dr. Michele Wheatly

            Dr. David Hopkins with Keynote Speaker                                                Dr. Michele Wheatly

                           Marcia Scherer

                                                        Dr. Wheatly and Marcia Scherer

                                                                  Dr. Wheatly and Marcia Scherer


Several commercial enterprises with specific interests in advancements in assistive technology were represented at the conference.  Included among the exhibits were booths staffed by:


Assistive Technology Inc.
Dynavox and Mayer Johnson combined
Brain Fingers
Somatic Digital
Forbes Rehab
AbleLInk Tech.



In keeping with the conference’s focus on innovative uses of technology, the Thursday evening banquet was held at the nearby National Museum of the United States Air Force. NMUSAF is the world's largest and oldest military aviation museum.  Attendees were able to spend part of this private event browsing aircraft exhibits ranging from the Wright Brothers to ultra modern unmanned surveillance aircraft.


          Banquet Attendees                    Banquet Attendees 

                                                                  Banquet Attendees

                                                   Banquet Attendees


Entertainment at the banquet was supplied by Dancing Wheels, the first modern dance company to integrate professional stand-up and sit-down (wheelchair) dancers. Mary Verdi-Fletcher is President and Founding Artistic Director.

                                     Dancing Wheels                                                    Dancing Wheels


A special presentation was given by Michele Wheatly recognizing the seminal contributions of Dr. Forouzan Golshani, the Director of the LWD program.  Dr. Golshani will be leaving Wright State University the end of August to assume the position of Dean of Engineering at California State University Long Beach.

Dr. Golshani's Farewell              Dr. Golshani and Dr. Wheatly at the LWD Dinner


                                                       Dr. Golshani and Dr. Wheatly

                                                                  Dr. Golshani and Dr. Wheatly


The second day began with an opening presentationAdvancing Research on STEM Learning with Disability”  by NSF Division of Research on Learning,  Program Director, Dr. Sharon Locke


                                                                        Dr. Sharon Locke

                                                                            Dr. Sharon Locke


Office of Disability Services sponsored at lunch a  Panel Presentation:  "40 Years of Accessible Education,"  Bill Rickert, WSU Associate Provost was the Panel Chair.   The panel included Jeffrey Vernooy, Stephen Simon, and Pat Marx. 

           LWD-07 Panel                 Pat Marx

                                         LWD-07 Panel                                                                          Pat Marx



     Bill Rickert and Pat Marx          Stephen Simon and Jeff Vernooy

                        Bill Rickert and Pat Marx                                             Stephen Simon and Jeff Vernooy



                                                        Dr. Clark Shingledecker and Dr. John Flach      

                                                 Conference Program Chair - Dr. Clark Shingledecker

                                             Dr. John Flach - LWD Program's New Principle Investigator

  Technical Sessions                Technical Sessions   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Technical Sessions




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