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The Technology-based Learning with Disability (LwD) Ph.D program is one of the many initiatives at Wright State University that reflects an institutional commitment to diversity in education and work. Specifically, WSU is committed to providing universal access to education and professional careers for people with disabilities. The LwD Ph.D program is an interdisciplinary collaboration among four other Ph.D. programs at Wright State University: Biomedical Sciences, Computer Science & Engineering, Engineering, and Human Factors and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Students accepted to one of these four programs have the opportunity to participate in courses, practicum, and research directed at enhancing learning experiences for people with disabilities. All students in these programs are welcome to participate in any or all of the LwD activities.

The LwD Ph.D program is supported by a five year National Science Foundation (NSF) award for Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeships (IGERT). This award provides the opportunity to support qualified graduate students as IGERT Fellows. Fellows receive a stipend, tuition, and fees for up to three years. Fellows must commit to complete four LwD courses, 2 quarters of practicum, and a dissertation that is relevant to learning with disabilities. They are also expected to participate in IGERT program activities including research meetings, workshops, and conferences.

Students who are currently in a Ph.D. program at Wright State can apply directly for an IGERT Fellowship. An important criterion for acceptance will be a demonstrated interest in problems of learning with disabilities. One way to meet this requirement is through previous involvement with LwD activities. Students who are not currently in a Ph.D. program at Wright State can apply for an IGERT Fellowship in parallel with their application to a Ph.D. program. However, acceptance into one of the four Ph.D. programs is a prerequisite for receiving an IGERT Fellowship.


We invite you to explore this website further to learn more about the academic and research opportunities associated with the LwD program and about the faculty and graduate students who make this program work. Let us know if you have any questions.  



                                                                                                 John M. Flach

                                                                                                 Co-Principal Investigator for IGERT

                                                                                                 Professor & Chair of Psychology



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