Technology Bases Learning with Disability

Publications 2007-2008


Journal Articles in Refereed Publications

 Feufel, M., *Lippa, K.D. , & Klein, H.A. (in review).  Calling 911: Emergency  medical services in need of human factors.  Ergonomics  in Design.

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Journal Articles in Non-Refereed Publications

*Futrell, M. (2007).  Advising Aviation Medical Examiners (AMEs) on the proper procedure for deaf medical certification.  Federal Air Surgeon's Quarterly Medical Bulletin (FASMB).


Rao, D.M., Hodson, D.D., Stieger, M., *Johnson C.B., Kidambi, P., & Narayanan, S. (2007).  Design & Implementation of Virtual and Constructive Simulations Using OpenEaagles.  Wright State Research Institute.

Book Chapters

Flach, J.M., Jagacinski, R.J., & Smith, M.R.H. (Under review). Coupling perception, action, intention, and value: A control theoretic approach to driving performance.  In D. Fisher, M. Rizzo, J. Lee, & J. Caird (Eds.) Handbook of Driving Simulation for Engineering, Medicine and Psychology.  CRC Press.

Flach, J.M., Schwartz, D., Bennett, A., Behymer, K., &  Shebilske, W. (In Preparation). Synthetic Task Environments: Measuring Macrocognition. E. Patterson & J. Miller (Eds.) Macrocognition: Metrics and Scenarios: Design and Evaluation for Real World Teams. Aldershot, England: Ashgate.

Flach, J.M., Schwartz, D., Bennett, A., Russell, S., & Hughes, T. (In Press). Integrated constraint evaluation: A framework for continuous work analysis.  In Bisantz & Burns (Eds.) Applications of Cognitive Work Analysis.  Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

Flach, J.M. (In press). Mind the Gap: A skeptical view of Macro-cognition.  In Schraagan, Militello, Ormerod & Lipshitz (Eds.) Naturalistic Decision Making and Macrocognition. Ashgate.

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Conference Publications

Bourbakis, N.,  Esposito , A.,  &  Kavraki, D. (2007). Multi-modal communication between hearing and visually impaired individuals, IEEE Int. Conf. on TAI-07, Greece, Patras, Oct. 2007, vol. II, pp. 522-530.

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Dakopoulos , D., & Bourbakis, N. (2007). Preserving and Analyzing Visual Information in Low Resolution Images During navigation of Visually Impaired, Proc. Int. Conf. on PETRA08,  July 2008. Athens, Greece, (accept).

Dakopoulos, D.,  Sajay  B., &  Bourbakis, N. (2007).  A formal model of a 2D vibration array as an assistive device for blinds navigation, IEEE Int. Conference on BIBE-07, Boston, MA, Oct. 2007, vol.II, pp. 930-937.

*D’Angelo, M. (2007).  Virtual Reality Environment to Assist Disabled Individuals.  Proceedings of the First Technology Based Learning with Disabilities Conference.

Elder, N.C., McEwen, T., Flach, J.M., & Gallimore, J. (2007). The testing process in primary care practices: Creating safety. First Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ) Annual Meeting.  Bethesda, MD (Sept. 26 – 28).

Esposito, A., Stejskal, V.,  Smekal, Z., &  Bourbakis, N. (2007). The significance of empty speech pauses: Cognitive and algorithmic issues, Int. Conference on BVAS-07, Oct. 2007, Naples, Italy, pp. 542-554.

Flach, J.M., Schwartz, D., Bennett, A., Behymer, K., & Shebilske, W. (2007).  Synthetic task environments: Measuring macrocognition.  Macrocognitive Metrics, AFRL/HE Commanders Predictive Environment. Columbus, OH  (June 14).

Golshani, F., Wheatly, M., Bargerhuff, M.E., &  Flach, J. (2007).  A multidisciplinary graduate program in technology-based learning with disability.  2007 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, American Society for Engineering Education, (June), Honolulu, HI.

Golshani, F., Wooley D., & Shingledecker, C.A. (2007).  Information Accrual for Early Detection of Disasters and Recovery Planning.  Proceedings of  SAFE 2007: Workshop on Signal Processing Applications for Public Security and Forensics. IEEE Signal Processing Society, IEEE no. 07EX1784, New York, NY (April 11).

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*Mateo, J.C., & Feufel, M. (2007).  Computer Access Using Electrical Signals for the Forehead:  The Cyberlink in Action.  Proceedings of the First Technology-based Learning with Disabilities Conference.

Wheatly, M.G.  (2007).  Delivering on the promise of Plato’s Academy:  Accessible STEM curricula for the universitas scholarium of the 21st Century.   Proceedings of the First Technology-based Learning with Disabilities Conference.

Wheatly, M.G.,  &  Klingbeil, N. (2007). Gateway into first-year STEM curricula: a community college/university collaboration promoting retention and articulation.   26th Annual Conference on the First-Year Experience.  Feb 16-20, 65CT.

Wheatly, M.G., Koenig, K., Bubulya , A., & Klingbeil, N. (2008).  STEM students in transition: bridging the gap through reinforcing competency-based skills.  27th Annual Conference on the First-Year Experience.  Feb 16-19.

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Wheatly, M.G., Klingbeil, N., Jang, B., Jones, R., & Sehi , G.  (2007).  Gateway into first-year STEM curricula:  a community college/university collaboration promoting retention and articulation. Proceedings 2007 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Honolulu, Hawaii, June 2007 (in press).

Conference Presentations

*D’Angelo, M. (2007, May).  Virtual Reality Environment to Assist Disabled Individuals.  2007 National Science Foundation IGERT PI Workshop

*D’Angelo, M. (2007, May).  IGERT – Learning with Disability.  2007 National Science Foundation IGERT PI Workshop. 

Elder,  N.C., McEwen,  T. (presenter), Flach, J.,  & Gallimore,  J.  (2008, April). Creating Safety in the Primary Care Testing process.  Ohio Academy of Family Physician’s Family Medicine Symposium on Research and Education. Newark, Ohio


Flach, J.M. (2007, February). Cognitive Systems Engineering: A Search for Quality.  Invited presentation to the Delft Cooperation on Intelligent Systems DECIS, Delft, The Netherlands.

Flach, J. M. (2008, March). Coupling Situations and Awareness.  CESPA 20th Anniversary: Ecological Human Factors, University of Connecticut .

Flach, J.M. (2007, March). Invited participant on panel discussion, Future Performance Technologies and Trends (Academia).  Human Systems Integration Symposium HSIS, Annapolis, MD.

*Gadd, A. (2007).  Biomimetic Characteristics of Pneumatic Muscle (PM).  3rd Annual Dayton Engineering Science Symposium.

*Mateo, J.C., San Agustin, J., & Hansen, J. P. (2008, April). Gaze beats mouse: Hands-free selection by combining gaze and EMG. Poster presented CHI2008 in Florence, Italy.

Shebilske, W., Flach, J.M., Gildea, K.,  & Freeman, J. (2007, August). Adaptive presentation of information and meta-information for dynamic targeting. Presented at the 2nd Annual Workshop on Meta-Information Portrayal, Washington, DC.









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