WSU Summer Institute 2012: K-8 Mathematics, Science, and Lesson Study

WSU Summer Institute: K-8 Mathematics, Science, and Lesson Study was held June 18-22, 2012. Thirteen (13) teachers from four different schools attended the 5-day program. The participants had a great opportunity for deepening their knowledge in mathematics/science teaching. The institute also provided the participating teachers with opportunities to interact with teachers from other schools and other subject areas. Some of teachers’ learning experiences are represented in the following reflections:

  • That I need to ask questions that lead the students to come up with the right answer and that maybe I am too quick to give them the right answer.
  • I was surprised how when I presented my Hatsumon lesson plan, I received a lot of wonderful input from my peers. Nonetheless, when we implemented the lesson the next day, we still encountered areas that needed improvement that we had not anticipated. Before the implementation of the lesson, I felt that it might not be necessary since we had already presented our plan and discussed it with the other teachers. I learned that literally rehearsing a lesson with a group of other teachers is an excellent way to prepare to teach children. I am also walking away from this institute with a wonderful supply of hands-on, creative lesson ideas.
  • We were able to work with teachers from other schools and grade levels and given the opportunity to learn from this expertise. We also can stay in contact with those teachers. It was great catching up with teachers from last year that did this class again and I still email teachers from the first summer institute.