The LEADER Consortium, in the interest of providing faculty and administration with information on relevant topics, workshops provide an avenue to listen to speakers specializing on the topic, participate in Luncheons, or attend several mini-conferences.

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Department Chair Workshops

Department Chairs WorkshopSpecialized Workshops designed to provide Department Chairs with information that assists in their duties whether in creating awareness, providing valuable insight, or to provide the tools necessary to make changes. 

Keys to Academics' Success

Keys to Academics' SuccessA series of one-day mini-conference aimed at providing in-depth programming on areas of faculty development likely to be of interest to all levels from Administrators to Faculty.  The basic format is:  Morning Workshops, a Nationally recognized Keynote Speaker, Afternoon Workshops, and a Discussion Session.


LuncheonsLEADER Sponsored luncheons to promote networking in STEM.

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National Science Foundation

The LEADER Consortium is funded by an ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Award from the National Science Foundation Award #0810989).

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