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The LEADER Consortium sponsors along with the Member Institution a series of programs and events. While each event has a unique topic and goal, the overall intent is to promote and support institutional changes through awareness and knowledge.

These goals are accomplished through two avenues.

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WorkshopsWorkshops typically run for a full day with guest speakers. There are three specific type of events.

The Department Chair Workshops, which is specific for Chairs in all the Member Institutions, their purpose is to approach sensitive topics that would benefit from a closer examination.

Keys for Academics' Success, open to all Faculty, is a series of mini-conferences aimed at providing in-depth knowledge on areas of faculty development likely to be of general interest.

Luncheons are times when a discussion, held during lunch, is conducted with one or more Speaker on a particular topic of interests.


ProgrammingEvents that can last for varying amounts of time that provide a relaxed atmosphere to encourage conversations that address concerns, situations, or a general sharing of knowledge.

The Daily Grind, which occurs an average of once a month for an hour, is held by the LEADER Consortium's Program Director, Dr. Stephanie Goodwin, at each institution during the Academic School Year for Faculty.

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National Science Foundation

The LEADER Consortium is funded by an ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Award from the National Science Foundation Award #0810989).

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