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LEADER Meetings Calendar

Only internal meetings and events should be posted here. This includes committee meetings, institutional meetings with administrators, and activities involving the administration of the grant, planning events, etc.

Note: If you are meeting with a woman in STEM who needs support and want to use this calendar to document your efforts, PLEASE DO NOT POST that person's name/department to the calendar. This would violate the individual's privacy. Instead, simply indicate that you met with an individual regarding an equity advising issue and indicate the college/institution.

LEADER Team Travel Calendar

This calendar is reserved for members of the LEADER Team (Co-PIs, Institutional Coordinators, Consortium Committee Chairs) to provide information regarding their travel. Providing information about your travel will ensure clear communication among the team and avoid scheduling important meetings/events when key team members are away. Please be sure to post your travel and check the calendar when considering whether to plan important meetings, events and other activities.


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