The Initiative Committees

Consortium-wide committees work to develop and coordinate many of LEADER's initiatives.


Department Chair Committee

In the interest of informing and supporting Department Chairs toward the recruitment, advancement, and retention of STEM Women Faculty, the committee identifies and implements programming that promotes gender equity and insitutional transformation.

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Equity Advising Committee

Equity Advisors are liaisons between department faculty and institutional agents. They may assist with faculty searches, share best practices, and coordinate networking opportunities while assisting individuals with their professional concerns. Equity Advisors have been appointed in proportion to the scope and size of their constituencies.

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Dr. Aihua Wood* - AFIT
Dr. Joe Ross - CSU
Dr. Peggy DesAutels- UD
Dr. Wiebke Diestelkam - UD
Dr. Tarun Goswami - WSU
Dr. Lawrence Prochaska - WSU

Faculty Development

The Faculty Development Committee supports LEADER's mission by: identifying faculty needs and institutional resources for faculty development; suggesting programming, events, and resources to support faculty development; and promoting faculty participation in professional development opportunities.

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Dr. Randall Paschall* - AFIT
Dr. Carol Bargeron - CSU
Dr. Suzanne Seleem - CSU
Dr. Margaret Pinnell - UD
Ms. Lisa Rismiller - UD
Dr. Sarah Twill - WSU
Ms. Amber Vlasnik

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National Science Foundation

The LEADER Consortium is funded by an ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Award from the National Science Foundation Award #0810989).

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