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Climate Survey Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is this Climate Survey being conducted?
The purpose of the Climate Survey is to gain insight about faculty work life and provide a benchmark against which to measure progress. The survey includes questions about the work you do, the types of support you receive, and your opinions about the atmosphere of your department. Responses inform institutional policies and practices.
Why is LEADER conducting the Climate Survey?
Your institution is a partner in the LEADER (Launching Equity in the Academy across the Dayton Entrepreneurial Region) Consortium, a collaborative effort to examine and address institutional structures that affect gender equity and job satisfaction for faculty. The survey is being administered by LEADER’s Program Evaluator, Dr. Hurtado Gomez, who is trained and experienced in conducting confidential surveys in university settings.
Why am I being invited to participate?
You matter! This survey provides an opportunity for you to provide confidential feedback to your institution about what is working well and what could be improved. The more people who respond, the greater the accuracy of the results, and your response can help make a difference.
How will my confidentiality be protected?
Protecting your confidentiality is our highest priority. Your email address is used only to send the survey via a secure link and to ensure people don’t accidentally complete the survey multiple times. Survey responses reside on the Qualtrics server which offers Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption (HTTPS) and data is stored in data centers that are audited and SAS 70 certified. Individual identifiers (used to store and retrieve your copy of the survey) are separated from survey responses. The survey results will be carefully reviewed and responses will be aggregated at a level that protects anonymity. In reporting results, only items that have at least 3 respondents will be included. In other words, we guarantee the confidentiality of individual responses in all reporting.
Who will see the results?
At no point will your supervisor (e.g., chair, dean) or any other faculty see your individual survey results. Only anonymous aggregate data (e.g., responses averaged across at least 3 respondents) will be shared in reports to the LEADER Consortium and with faculty and administrators from our partner institutions.
Where and for how long will survey responses be stored?
Data collected via the online survey tool will be deleted from the online server within two weeks after the close of the survey. De-identified data will be stored on password protected computers/hard drives with restricted access to LEADER’s program evaluation and research team. When the LEADER Consortium’s efforts are completed, de-identified institutional datasets and accompanying institutional reports will be archived at the appropriate offices of their respective institutions.
Why are demographic questions, such as gender and age, included in the survey?
Demographic information can help us to understand patterns and themes in the data, providing a more meaningful interpretation of the results. If you have concerns regarding confidentiality in responding to these questions, please know that we will take all precautions to protect your anonymity.
How will open-ended comments be managed?
Write-in comments will be carefully reviewed by the Program Evaluator to honor any concerns or requests written therein. In reporting results, responses that contain identifying information will not be shared.
Do I have to complete the survey in one sitting?
No. Although the survey is meant to be brief – about 15 minutes-- you can stop the survey and return to it later. Please note that you can only review your responses or return to the survey if you have not yet viewed the “thank you page.”

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