Faculty Development Resources

General Professional Development Resources

Internet Resources

ProfHacker (www.chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/). Tips about teaching, technology and productivity.

MentorNet (www.mentornet.net). An online mentoring tool and resource for science and technology professionals.


Boice, R. (2000). Advice for New Faculty Members: Nihil Nimus. Allyn & Bacon. ISBN-10: 0205281591.

Darley, J. M., Zanna, M. P., & Roediger, H. L (2003). The Compleat Academic: A Career Guide, 2nd ed. American Psychological Association: New York. ISBN-10: 1591470358.

Gray, P., & Drew, D. E. (2008). What They Didn’t Teach You in Graduate School: 199 Helpful Hints for Success in Your Academic Career. Stylus Publishing: New York.


Internet Resources

Grant Writing Tips from the Gender Equity Project, CUNY (http://www.hunter.cuny.edu/genderequity/equityMaterials/grant_booklet_9_06_07.pdf)
NSF Broader Impacts Handout (http://www.umbc.edu/advance/NSF%20Broader%20Impacts%20Handout.pdf)

Grant Writing Timeline (http://www.uta.edu/ra/GCS/grantwriting.htm)


Barass, R. (2002). Scientists Must Write: A Guide to Better Writing for Scientists, Engineers, and Students. Routledge.

Beer, D. F. (2009). A Guide to Writing as an Engineer. Wiley.

Belcher, W. L. (2009). Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks: A Guide to Academic Publishing Success. New York: Sage.

Boice, R. (1990). Professors as Writers: A Self-help Guide to Productive Writing. New Forums Press.

Lanham, R. (2007). Revising Prose (5th ed.).

Silvia, P. (2007). How to Write a Lot: A Practical Guide to Productive Academic Writing. APA Books.


Michigan State University (http://oir.fod.msu.edu/oir/classmanagement/civility-incivility.asp). Online instructional resources on student incivility, with links to readings and other resources:.
UC Santa Cruz, Center for Teaching & Learning (http://teaching.ucsc.edu/tips/tips-civility.html). Online Toolkit for instructors with specific examples for dealing with problem behaviors, sample statements for syllabi, etc.

Managing Inappropriate Student Behavior: A Guide for Faculty and Staff. A pamphlet developed by WSU’s Counseling & Wellness Services along with the Offices of Community Standards and Student Conduct, includes helpful list of campus contacts for reporting incidents when necessary.

Promotion &  Tenure

WSU Resources

WSU Faculty Handbook (www.wright.edu/employee/faculty-handbook).
AAUP Collective Bargaining Agreement (http://www.wright.edu/administration/aaup/2011-2014-CBA.pdf).
Wright Way Policy (http://www.wright.edu/wrightway/).
CoSM Department Bylaws
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Biological Sciences
Earth & Environmental Sciences
Mathematics & Statistics
Neuroscience, Cell Biology & Physiology


Seldin, P., & Miller, J. E. (2009). The Academic Portfolio: A Practical Guide to Documenting Teaching, Research, and Service. Jossey-Bass: San Francisco, CA.

Work/Life Balance

Internet Resources

Work Life Balance.com (http://www.worklifebalance.com/worklifebalancedefined.html). Tips and resources evaluating what is important.

Work Life Balance Calculator (http://www.cnn.com/2008/LIVING/worklife/06/04/balance.calculator/). When you want to see just how much time you’re spending on work, sleep, and other activities.

Mind Tools.com (http://www.mindtools.com/pages/main/newMN_HTE.htm). Resources for (re)thinking how you spend your time, how to prioritize, etc. Also includes resources for decision making, creativity, and other productivity-related topics.

Time Management Ninja (http://timemanagementninja.com/). Articles, blogs and more.

Academic Productivity (http://www.academicproductivity.com/). Resources targeted for academics.

Academic Lifehacker (http://academiclifehacker.wordpress.com/). A useful source for hints, tips and tools targeted for the academic.


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