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The LEADER Consortium has identified many resources both Local and Federal that can assist new or existing faculty members.


Dayton ResourcesMoving to a new location comes with a need to answer many questions.  Where to live, what is there to do, what schools are in the area are but a few of the questions or curiosities to be answered.  At LEADER we attempt to pull together the most significant of websites that can assist in answering those questions.

Research and Funding

Research and Funding ResourcesThe LEADER Consortium has a few suggestions of Federal Resources that could prove to be beneficial in all areas of professional development whether it is to see what has been done, what is going on at the moment, or to find guidance for research.

Professional Networks

Professional NetworksParticipating in the many Professional Networks available to individuals in the STEM fields could prove to benefit an individual in many ways.  Below is a list of Networks that LEADER has identified as being used by other members of the STEM disciplines or could potentially be used.


Work/Life ResourcesBalancing between Work and Life can be difficult at times and requires the assistance of others to maintain that balance.  Caring for children or parents is as important to the wellbeing of a person as the feeling of accomplishment.  For this reason, LEADER has provided some useful links to assist anyone in finding that precious balance.

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