The LEADER Council

The LEADER Council provides oversight over all aspects of the Consortium, including developing Consortium-level instentional structures and setting benchmarks for success. Members of the Council include senior-level administrators (Associate Provost or above) with institutional oversight for equity, institutional coordinators, and members of the Leadership team.



Dr. Heidi Ries
Dean for Research, Graduate School of Engineering & Management

Dr. Paul Wolf
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Graduate School of Engineering & Management

Dr. Aihua Wood (Co-PI)
Professor of Mathematics



Dr. Subramania Srithatan
Interim Dean, College of Science & Engineering

Dr. Lovette Chinwah-Adegbola
Interim Dean, College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences

Dr. Suzanne Seleem (Co-PI)
Chair, Department of Natural Sciences



Dr. Patrick Donnelly
Associate Provost for Faculty and Admin Affairs

Dr. Paul Benson
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences



Dr. Bill Rickert
Interim Associate Provost for Faculty and Staff Affairs

Dr. David Goldstein (PI)+**
Chair, Dept. of Biological Sciences, LEADER Consortium PI/Director

Dr. Yi Li
Dean, College of Science and Mathematics

Dr. Kimberly Barrett
Vice President, Multicultural Affairs and Community Enagement

Dr. Stephanie Goodwin**
Program Director, LEADER Consortium

+ Chair
** Ex-Officio

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National Science Foundation

The LEADER Consortium is funded by an ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Award from the National Science Foundation Award #0810989).

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