CoachingThe LEADER Coaching Initiative seeks to provide confidential academic and career development and to facilitate the professional growth of tenure-track STEM women in the LEADER Consortium, regardless of rank or tenure status. We have developed the initiative with the understanding that coaching helps individuals generate new possibilities for action and facilitates breakthroughs in performance.  Focusing on the growth and development of individuals, coaching helps participants develop leadership skills by providing them with the resources they need to make decisions about their careers.

Participants select their coach from an approved list and receive up to 10 coaching sessions of approximately one hour each.  Participants meet via phone or e-mail with their coach, arranged to fit their schedule.  At the end of the ten sessions, an instrument is administered to the coaching participant as well as to the professional coaches, who are asked to identify themes across their coaching.  The LEADER Consortium supports the full cost of this initiative, with a maximum professional development grant of $2,000 per applicant.  Your interest and participation in the initiative is confidential.

  • If you are interested in participating, contact Stephanie Goodwin, Director of the LEADER Consortium, at  Please provide your name, rank, institution, and your preferences for contacting you with further information. 
  • After the LEADER Consortium verifies your eligibility, you will receive a Welcome Packet about the Coaching Initiative.  If you determine that you are interested in proceeding, you will have the opportunity to speak briefly with each coach if you have not yet decided with whom you would like to work.  The choice of coach is in your hands. 

Eligible participants are required to submit their vita to the LEADER Coaching Initiative prior to the commencement of coaching as well as after coaching is completed.  There will also be an end-of-coaching evaluation as well as a one-year post-coaching assessment.

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“I recently completed my 10 coaching sessions with Carmen Bolanos. She really helped me distinguish priorities from non-priorities, figure out ways to overcome obstacles, and develop tactics for reducing distractions. Carmen didn't do the work for me, but she helped me figure out what "the work" was and how best to complete that work. I had the most productive 6 months of my career.” -- Senior STEM Faculty Member

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Dr. Atul Gawande wrote about his own experience with coaching The New Yorker, October 2011. 
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