Fourth Annual Mini-Grant Award

The LEADER Consortium is pleased to announce the recipients of its Fourth Annual Mini-Grant Program designed to support the advancement of tenure-track women faculty in science and engineering:

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"Wound Healing in Response to Selective Snake Venom Toxins"

Dr. Lubna Abu-Niaaj, Assistant Professors, Natural Sciences, Central State University

Award: $5,000

"Coping Strategies Utilized by South Asian Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence: A Qualitative Study"

Dr. Shreya Bhandari, Assistant Professor, Social Work, Wright State University

Award: $5,000

"Seeing the Circuit: Stereomicroscopy System for Insect Electrophysiology"

Dr. Karolyn Hansen, Assistant Professor, Biology, University of Dayton

Award: $5,000

"Faculty Research Proposal - Advancing towards tenure: understanding biological and cultural variations on Kenya's coast"

Dr. Amelia Hubbard, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Wright State University

Award: $5,000

"Developing International Research Collaborations in Integrated Circuits"

Dr. Mary Lanzerotti, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Air Force Institute of Technology

Award: $5,000

"Creating a Culture of Mentoring Through the Use of Faculty Learning Communities"

Dr. Randall Paschall, Assistant Professor, Academic Affairs, Faculty Development Office, Air Force Institute of Technology

Award: $4,950

"No More "Binders Full of Women": A Strategy to Help Move Associates to Full Professors"

Dr. Sarah Twill and Dr. Tracey Steele, Associate Professors, Center for Teaching and Learning / Sociology, Wright State University

Award: $5,000

  "Preparation of Binary Fe-Mn Oxides Coated Granular Activated Carbon for Selenate Absorption"

Dr. Ning Zhang, Assistant Professor, Water Resources Management, Central State University

Award: $5,000

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