Second Annual Mini-Grant Award

The LEADER Consortium is pleased to announce the recipients of its Second Annual Mini-Grant Program designed to support the advancement of tenure-track women faculty in science and engineering:

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"Multi-Disciplinary STEM Grant Preparation Support in Bioengineering"

Dr. Kimberly Bigelow, Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Dayton

Award: $5,000

"Creating a Women's Center to Sustain the ADVANCE LEADER Program at Central State University"

Dr. Flore Chevailler, Associate Professor, Humanities, Central State University

Award: $4,976

"Continued Study of Applications of Groebner Basis Theory at the Institute of Mathematics & Its Applications at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, Summer 2011"

Dr. Kimberly Kendricks, Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science, Central State University

Award: $4,624

"Engineering Environmentally Friendly, Ultrasensative SERS-Based Nanosensors for Molecular Fingerprinting of Subcellular Compartments and Virus Detection"

Dr. Ioana E. Pavel, Assistant Professor, Chemistry, Wright State University

Award: $5,000

"Evolving Structure Using Hierarchical Genetic Algorithms"

Dr. Jennifer Seitzer, Associate Professor, Computer Science, University of Dayton

Award: $4,994

"Wavelet Analysis for Biomass Estimation in Riparian Vegetated Areas of Lower Colorado River Basin"

Dr. Xiaofang Wei, Assistant Professor, Water Resources Management, Central State University

Award: $4995.50

"Preliminary Assessment of Geothermal Potential from Thermal Springs in Central and Eastern Jamaica"

Dr. DeBonne N. Wishart,Assistant Professor, Water Resource Management, Central State University

Award: $4,999.28

  "Randomized Workload in Distributed Systems"

Dr. Zhongmei Yao, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, University of Dayton

Award: $4,947

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