First Annual Mini-Grant Award

The LEADER Consortium is pleased to announce the recipients of its First Annual Mini-Grant Program designed to support the advancement of tenure-track women faculty in science and engineering:

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“Furthering Skill Development in Statistical Analysis of Biological Data to Strengthen Research and Teaching Performance”

Dr. Kimberly Bigelow, Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Dayton

Award: $5,000

 “Enhancement of Neurogenesis as a Potential Stroke Treatment”

Dr. Adrian Corbett, Associate Professor, Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and Physiology, Wright State University

Award: $5,000

“ADVANCE WORKSHOP: Success in the Tenure Track and Work-Life Balance”

Dr. Madhuri Kango-Singh, Assistant Professor, and Dr. Amit Singh, Assistant Professor, Biology, University of Dayton

Award: $5,000

“Assessing the Viscoelastic Properties of Porcine Arteries: An Integrated Approach”

Dr. Margaret Pinnell, Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering; Dr. Wiebke Diestelkamp, Associate Professor, Mathematics; and Dr. Carissa Krane, Associate Professor, Biology, University of Dayton

Award: $5,000

“Effects of Nanomaterials on Mouse Preimplantation Development”

Dr. Shirley Wright, Associate Professor, Biology, University of Dayton

Award: $5,000

“Real Time Kinetic Mapping at Central State University”

Dr. Xiaofang Wei, Assistant Professor, Water Resources Management, Central State University

Award: $4995.50

“Fabricating and Understanding Graphene-based Nanostructural Composites for High Energy Density Lithium-Ion Batteries”

Dr. Hong Huang, Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Wright State University

Award: $3,600

 “Error-Correcting Codes over Groups and Rings”

Dr. Xiaoyu Liu, Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, Wright State University

Award: $3,000

“Modeling and Estimation of Scene Geometry using Synthetic Aperture Radar”

Dr. Julie Jackson, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering, Air Force Institute of Technology

Award: $3,472

“Women in Physics and Engineering Dinner”

Dr. Todd Smith, Professor, Physics, University of Dayton

Award: $1,000

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