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As a part of the requirements for a baccalaureate degree at Wright State University, students must complete a minimum of 56 hours of course work in the General Education program. The specific requirements are listed below and must be completed prior to graduation. Students should complete English 101 and 102 and the General Education mathematics requirement by the time they have earned 60 credits at Wright State University.

A bachelor’s degree awarded by a university implies more than career preparation or specialized technical competency. A university education should be broadly based in order to promote intellectual growth, cultivate critical examination and informed understanding, encourage breadth and flexibility of perspective, and provide students an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge that will form the basis for their life-long learning. Accordingly, the General Education program at Wright State University is a planned and coherent program that is designed to help students:

  • sharpen critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills;
  • learn about the aesthetic, ethical, moral, social, and cultural dimensions of human experience needed for participation in the human community;
  • increase knowledge and understanding of the past, of the world in which we live, and of how both past and present have an impact on the future.

The General Education Program is required of all students and serves as a foundation upon which all baccalaureate programs are built.

The General Education Curriculum is also part of all associate of arts (A.A.) and sciences (A.S) degrees at the Lake Campus.

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