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Athletic Program Guidelines and Philosophy

Philosophy of Athletic Programs
The primary aim of the Wright State University-Lake Campus program of intercollegiate athletics is to promote and provide a variety of opportunities for men and women to participate in advanced levels of competition with students from other colleges and universities in Ohio and Indiana. We believe that this organized competition should provide a source of institutional pride and spirit for the total university community.

In order for a student athlete to be eligible to participate in athletics at WSU-Lake Campus, he or she must meet the following requirements:
  1. The student athlete must be enrolled an taking a minimum of 7 credit hours each quarter and be in good academic standing during the year.
  2. The student athlete must be enrolled in a minimum of 7 credit hours in order to participate in the officially scheduled athletic programs.
  3. If a student athlete remains on academic probation for two academic quarters he/she will be ineligible to participate in the athletic programs at WSU-Lake Campus.
  4. In order to be eligible to participate during the second year the student athlete must have completed a minimum of 18-25 credit hours toward his/her degree.
  5. In order to be eligible to participate during the third year the student athlete must have completed a minimum of 36 hours toward his/her degree.
  6. A student athlete needs to be aware that the University requires a minimum GPA of a 2.00 on a 4.0 scale as one of its requirements for graduation.

Athletes are required to carry primary insurance to cover any medical cost associated with an injury that may occur while participating in club sports at the Lake Campus. Examination by a Physician is highly recommended before participation.

Code of Conduct
It is understood that participating in the WSU-Lake Campus athletic program is to be considered a privilege, not a right. Because student athletes represent WSU-Lake Campus, members shall conduct themselves individually and as groups as to reflect only credit on the Lake Campus of Wright State University.

Revised July 2012.

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