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Flurometer - pumps lake water through the machine to instantly measure the chlorophyll level. This piece of equipment can be taken out on the boat for instant readings. This is a new piece of equipment that the Lake Campus and the Grand Lake Restoration Commission purchased.



Airy Gator - This systemp provides a way to dramatically increase the dissolved oxygen and circulation. Dissolved oxygen in teh water is the key to maintain a healthy, vibrant aquatic environment. Moving water helps to keep solids suspended in the water and distributes dissolved oxygen, de-stratifying the dissolved oxygen profile in the water column. See the Airy Gator in action in the video below.


Water Sampler - A tube-like instument that is lowered into the lake to collect a sample of water.


Spectrophometer - Is used to measure different types of water samples. Two main samples measured out of Grand Lake St. Marys are phosphorus and nitrogen.


Microscope - One of the most common pieces of equipment you will find in a biology lab will be used to look at water samples from the lake.

For more information visit www.lakeimprovement.com.

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