Application Process

When the Office of International Admissions (WSIG) receives an application, the process is as follows:


Application packet is sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to upload the application onto the mainframe


Applicant's file is sent back to the WSIG to start application process


Acknowledgement of receipt is sent to applicant via email


Documents in the file are reviewed, GPA calculated, credentials evaluated and a decision made


Decision is communicated to the applicant via email and followed up by mailed admission packet.

The above described process may take up to 2 months. If upon reviewing the application the admissions officer requires more information the candidate will be notified via email.

Decision and Notification

All required documents must be completed and on file before an admission decision will be made. Inquiries about the status of an application are answered only to the applicant through email at with the ID number in the subject header. This ID number will provided to the student via email only after the application has been uploaded onto the mainframe.