Finding Employment

On-Campus Jobs

Students looking for on-campus employment may seek assistance from the Career Services Center, which is located at the Student Union, third floor, room E334. All currently enrolled students and their spouses may use the services of this office.

International students must obtain approval from the University Center for International Education before accepting any employment.

International students are not eligible for any job which requires "work-study" approval.

Lists of Open Jobs On-Campus

Career Services maintains listings of many open positions on their web site. The same job listings are available on large display boards in their office. Students are encouraged to check the job listings on a regular basis because new jobs are added frequently. The information provided on the web and in the office allows the student to make direct contact with the employer to arrange an interview. Take care to read the contact information, hourly rate and job duties.

Job Fairs - Employer Event

Career Services and other offices sponsor Job Fairs at various times during the year. Visit the Career Services Job Fair website for full details.

  • Have a resume ready
  • Be comfortable with interviewing skills
  • Research organizations that will be present
  • Be ready to initiate conversation with employers
  • Dress appropriately

Other Resources

Many University departments and offices do not list their job opportunities with Career Services. Because many positions are filled directly by departments, you should contact your academic unit and professors for possible job openings and hourly employment.

Potential On-Campus Employers

You need to contact each department/office separately to ask about open positions and to apply.

  • Halls of Residence Units
  • Halls Cafeterias
  • Halls Center Stores
  • Main Library and school/departmental libraries
  • Recreational Sports (referees, supervisors, etc.)

The Guardian Classified Ad Section

The Guardian newspaper has many job listings in the classified section. Be sure to look for HOURLY ON CAMPUS jobs, unless you qualify for Off Campus Employment.

For Potential On-Campus Employers

If you have questions able hiring international students please consult the following document to how to hire, and in what capacity in they can work on and off campus.

Click here.

On-Campus Employment Authorization Guide