Software Center

What is Software Center?

  • Software Center allows for self-service software installations.
  • Software Center allows CaTS to report usage of software to optimize licensing costs.

Windows users: Software Center is now available on university-owned computers connected to the Wright State domain.

  • To determine if you have Software Center, go to your 'Start' menu, select 'All Programs', and Software Center will be listed if available.
  • If you have Software Center, refer to the Available Software section below for information on software installation.
  • If you don't see Software Center on your Windows PC, please call the Help Desk for assistance with installing the software.

Software Center is your way to access self-service software installations for Windows machines on the Wright State domain. 

On this page:

Accessing Software Center

  1. Open your Start Menu.
  2. Click All Programs.
  3. Click Microsoft Endpoint Manager.
  4. If present, click Configuration Manager
  5. Click Software Center

If you do not see Software Center, contact the CaTS Help Desk at 937 775-4827 for assistance. 

Available Software 

Below is a list of all available software through Software Center. For a complete list of all software available for University purposes, visit the University Software page.

Adobe Creative Cloud Installation Instructions

Important Notes: 

  • Users installing this on their University owned machines will only need to login once to access Adobe CC applications
  • Users accessing Adobe CC in any computer lab on Campus will need to follow the login instructions below, everytime they are using one of the applications listed above
  1. After installing an Adobe CC app, click on the Adobe Creative Cloud icon saved to your Desktop
  2. Click on Sign in with an Enterprise ID
  3. Enter as your Email address, then hit Enter on your computer keyboard
  4. You will be then prompted to enter your Campus username and password 
  5. Once the installation is complete, you will be able to access the Adobe CC apps you've installed

Quick Tour

Applications: Software currently available to you for download.

Updates: System and software updates for your specific University-owned machine. 

Installation Status: View the installation progress of software being installed on your machine. 

Options: Specify the Software Center configuration settings for your computer. 


Downloading Software

  1. Select the software you wish to download from the list.
  2. Click Install.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the download and installation. 

Software Center will keep you informed throughout the installation process:



Once your software is installed, be sure to follow any additional instructions on the dialog boxes. You may also be prompted to restart your computer. 

Uninstalling Software

  1. Open your Start Menu and select Programs.
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Click Programs and Features.
  4. Select the software you wish to uninstall.
  5. Click Uninstall and follow the prompts.