Virtual Private Networks (VPN) Software

General Information

The AnyConnect VPN from Cisco allows authorized users to securely connect to the WSU data network from the campus wireless network or from off campus using various commercial Internet Service Providers (ISPs) (e.g., MSN, AOL, Roadrunner, SBC, etc.). Using AnyConnect, wireless and remote users are connected to the university's internal network as if they were directly connected to the campus network. This allows WSU wireless and remote users to access servers and other devices restricted to WSU network users and isolated from the outside. In addition, a VPN connection allows the user to access all network files (Home H:\ and shared drives K:\).

In general, off campus users who only connect to WINGS or WINGS Express do not need to use the AnyConnect VPN connection. Users who access their email through WINGS or who utilize IMAP to access also do not need to use the AnyConnect VPN connection for email.

Please note: Using VPN software from CaTS allows you to access your H:\ drive personal space or K:\drive departmental shared space ONLY. If you are trying to access your office computer, including files and applications stored on that computer, note that the VPN software does not support this. Also, other software programs that connect remotely to your computer are not supported by CaTS, and we cannot assist in creating or maintaining those connections.


Use VPN Software on Your PC or Macintosh

Choose this option to learn how to download, install, and use the AnyConnect VPN software for your PC or Macintosh computer. You will be required to accept our VPN usage license agreement.

If you are looking for the VPN Request Form, click on the Use VPN Software on Your PC or Macintosh link and follow the instructions.


Access Your Network Files From Your Home Computer

If you've already downloaded and installed the AnyConnect VPN software on your PC or Macintosh, you can now use it to connect to the university's network and access your personal and (if applicable) departmental files. Learn how to do so by clicking the button above.


Use VPN on Your Mobile Device

If you've got an iOS or Android smartphone, you can use the Cisco AnyConnect Mobile App to access the university's VPN connection.