Network Port Extension Policy

Computing and Telecommunications Services (CaTS) recognizes that in some cases, installation of traditional network cabling is cost-prohibitive. As an alternative, CaTS will allow the installation of networking equipment outside the data communication closets. The details specified in this policy ensure that all university-offered network services can be supported, and that network security is maintained. This policy defines the type of equipment allowed, user responsibilities, and the level of support offered by CaTS.


The network switch must be approved by CaTS. Further, the switch must be configured and maintained by CaTS.

Any switch port which delivers a non-authenticated network must be configured to support a single Ethernet address.

Any unused switch ports will be turned off. These ports can be turned on at a later date by contacting CaTS.

User Responsibilities

The user agrees to adhere to all applicable university cabling standards. Patch cables must not exceed 10 feet in length. Patch cables must be installed in a manner which does not create an unsafe work environment.

Only end user devices, for example: printers, PCs, Macs may be connected to the CaTS-supported switch; cascading of additional switches, hubs, wireless access points, or other network devices is prohibited.

CaTS strongly recommends that all network equipment be connected to a surge suppressor.

CaTS Support

CaTS will provide support of switches installed under this policy from the hours of 8:00a.m. to 4:30p.m., Monday through Friday.

CaTS will maintain spare equipment on campus. In the event of equipment failure, the spare will be made available upon the completion of a 1200 form to purchase a replacement.