Security Updates

Security updates patch operating systems from known vulnerabilities. These updates are crucial to defend against new viruses and securing holes in the operating system from attacks. Select your operating system below to get specific information on setting automatic updates. Note: If you're using a CaTS-supported computer on campus (contact the Help Desk at 937-775-4827 if you're not sure), security updates are already installed for you on that computer.

Macintosh Update Server

Download the Macintosh Update Server Installation File. The new Macintosh update server will result in faster downloading of updates and allow CaTS to test the updates for compatibility with university applications before they are applied to campus computers.


  • Why should I patch my computer?

    Hackers are constantly looking for vulnerabilities in Microsoft, Macintosh, Linux, and other operating systems. Patches usually safeguard your computer from these vulnerabilities. Without patches or security updates, your computer could be compromised on a high-speed connection.

  • Do my applications need patches also?

    Yes, most software vendors will supply you with the necessary patches to protect your applications. As Windows and other operating systems make it harder to compromise your computer, hackers are turning to applications that get into your machine. This is why it is so important that you regularly update your operating system and applications. Most vendors offer updates either automatically through the program or manually at the vendors website.

Setting Automatic Security Updates