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Remote Computer Lab Access for Macs

CaTS now provides the ability to access campus computers with the LabStats Remote Access Dashboard.

You will need to be connected to the Wright State Virtual Private Network (VPN) in order to access these devices.


To use the Remote Access Dashboard, you will need one additional piece of software. Go to the App Store and search for “Microsoft Remote Desktop." This software is what will enable you to open the file downloaded from the Remote Access Dashboard.

screen capture of microsoft remote desktop in the app store


Open the Settings menu and click Preferences

screen capture of the settings menu in microsoft remote desktop


In Settings, select the User Accounts tab

screen capture of the preferences screen


Enter your Campus Account Username in the Username textbox in the following format: wright\w123abc where w123abc is your Campus Account Username.

screen capture of the user accounts screen in preferences


From the list, choose a computer to connect to. If none are listed, there are no computers currently available. Please note: some labs are restricted to specific users. 


Once you have selected a computer, you will see the popup below. Select Download and run the downloaded file once it completely downloads.

screen capture of the remote lab access connect to selected lab popup


Once you have downloaded the file, run it with Microsoft Remote Desktop. You will see the lab computer in a window and the login process will begin, bringing you to the desktop pictured below. To log off when done, click the red button on the left-hand side that says Logoff This Computer.

screen capture of the remote lab desktop after successfully connecting