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WINGS/Office 365 Email Access

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Currently, some users who are trying to access their Wright State email
through WINGS are being prompted to sign in with their Office 365
username and password ( or, instead of being signed on automatically.

If you experience this issue, follow these steps:

1) Enter your Office 365 username (your WSU email address) and password.

  • If you do not remember your password, visit the WSU Accounts page and follow the 'How to Change Your Password' instructions for Office 365. Note: This password may be different than that of your "w" account.

2) Click on the "Work or School" account option.

3) Close and reopen your web browser.

4) Log in to WINGS and then click the "Email/Calendar" button. You
should now be automatically logged in to your email.

If you need further assistance, please contact the CaTS Help Desk at or (937) 775-4827.

CaTS is on Twitter!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

CaTS is now on Twitter! Our Twitter handle, @WrightStateIT, is a great resource for IT announcements, tips and tricks, or just an easy way to ask us an IT question. Our goal is to make interaction with WSU members quick and convenient, so you can get your questions answered and get back to your busy day. Follow us now and stay up to date on what’s going on in Wright State's IT Department!

Tegrity Issues within Pilot

Friday, August 28, 2015

As mentioned in an earlier email on 8/26/15, the Tegrity system, although still functional, is experiencing slight performance problems. The developers of Tegrity are aware of these system issues and are working on a resolution. However, CaTS has found one of these problems that could impact your use of the Tegrity system, specifically within Pilot. Please see below for a description and resolution to this problem.

Problem: Tegrity does not start properly when using the "Start Recording" button (first image below) from within Pilot.

Start Recording Button

Detailed Description: After logging in to Pilot and launching the Tegrity widget, clicking the "Start Recording" button brings up the following screen, instead of the Tegrity Recording window.

 Recording Error


Resolution: To remedy this problem and begin recording, follow these steps BEFORE opening the Tegrity widget in Pilot.

  1. On the Windows taskbar, find the Tegrity icon on the right side, near the clock. You may have to click the up arrow to find the icon.
  2. Right click on the Tegrity icon. See the image below.
  3. Choose "Start Recording." This will open the Tegrity Recording Window.
  4. Open the Tegrity widget within Pilot.
  5. Click the "Start Recording" button.


You should now be able to record using the Tegrity software. Once the developers of Tegrity have resolved this issue, CaTS will notify the university. For further questions, please contact the CaTS Help Desk.


Credit Card Vending Unavailable

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Currently, the ability to use a credit card at campus vending machines is unavailable. The Wright1 Card Center is looking into the issue. 

Issues With Tegrity 8/24

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Tegrity system is currently experiencing problems and is
inaccessible. This includes the ability to capture new lectures and view
ones already created. We will notify the university as soon as the
problems are resolved.

Change in Library Authentication Info

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Attention students, faculty and staff:

Beginning August 24, 2015, the University Libraries will be implementing a change to off-campus access for library resources. To comply with vendor license agreements, a more secure access method of authentication will be used, requiring users to login with their campus username (w#) and password, as are currently used for WINGS, Pilot and other Wright State online authentications.

All students, staff and faculty will need to know their login information to access library materials. Library staff will not have access to your login credentials.

Please contact CaTS at 937-775-4827 for assistance in obtaining or updating login credentials.

For assistance in finding and accessing library materials please contact the Information Desk at 937-775-2925 or visit

Thank you,
University Libraries

New Home Software Offers

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CaTS has made some changes to our software offerings for home and personal use:

  • On September 12, the free Work at Home editions of Office for Windows and Mac will no longer be available through the Home Software Store. Microsoft Office can now be downloaded through the Office 365 Pro Plus program, which allows Faculty and Staff to install the full version of the Microsoft Office Suite on up to five laptops/desktops, five mobile devices, and five tablets. For more information and installation instructions, visit:


If you have any questions, please contact the CaTS Help Desk.

CaTS Help Desk
(937) 775-4827
Twitter: @WrightStateIT

Reminder: CaTS System Maintenance for 8/16/15

Friday, August 14, 2015

CaTS will be conducting system maintenance on Sunday, August 16, from
12:01am to 12:00pm. During this time access to all Banner-related
services will be unavailable, including the following:

* WINGS Express
* Banner Admin
* Wright1 Card Services
* TouchNet
* TK20
* Parking Services
* WrightBuy
* Xtender

If you have any questions concerning this maintenance, please contact
the CaTS Help Desk at (937) 775-4827, or send an email to

Office 365 Login Instructions

Monday, August 10, 2015

Currently, users trying to access their Wright State email through WINGS or are being prompted to sign in. To access your email, remember to enter your Office 365 username and password ( or

If you do not remember your password, visit and follow the 'How to Change Your Password' instructions for Office 365.

For further assistance, please contact the CaTS Help Desk at or (937) 775-4827.

Updates to the New WINGS Portal - 8/7/15

Friday, August 7, 2015

CaTS has made further updates to the new WINGS portal!

‘Workflow Services’ Updates:

  • The following links are now available under the ‘Workflow Services’ section:
    • Admission Applicant Review Service (Single Sign-On)
    • Course/Program Inventory Service (Single Sign-On)
    • Major Change Search (Single Sign-On)
    • Banner Workflow (will be Single Sign-On once Classic WINGS is retired)
  • The links under ‘Workflow Services’ only display if you have access to a Workflow service.
  • The link to ‘Banner Workflow’ now displays the number of outstanding tasks.

Other Updates:

  • Targeted content for housing & freshmen students has been added.
  • Added ‘Classifieds’ Section.
    • Posting in the New WINGS ‘Classifieds’ section does not post to the Classic WINGS ‘Classifieds’ area, and vice versa.
  • Folders added to ‘My Links’ (bookmarks)
  • ‘My Links’ has moved below ‘My Alerts’

As a reminder, Course and Group Studio are not available in the new WINGS portal.

Please continue to submit your feedback through the ‘Tell Us What You Think’ link under the Feedback section. Learn more about the new WINGS at the WINGS Beta website.