Tegrity to Panopto Transition

The Tegrity contract and all access to the system expired on June 30, 2017. Faculty no longer have direct access to recordings unless they have been migrated into Panopto. If you did not convert them yourself or request that they be converted, you may fill out a conversion request form here:
All of WSU's Tegrity recordings were archived after Spring semester 2017. The Tegrity software will be removed from all classroom computers and from Pilot.

Tegrity Reports

The ability to run reports on your Tegrity classes and students will also go away on June 30th. If you need this data for accreditation, tenure, etc., please see the following links:
"Generating reports: Detailed Reports"
"Generating reports: Custom Analysis"
"Generating reports: Weekly Summary Snapshots"
If you have any questions or concerns about converting to Panopto, please contact Bryan Beverly or Ben Penry in the CTL, or visit the following CTL webpages: