Single Sign-on for Email

Beginning Sunday, January 29, your Wright State Office 365 email will become a part of our Single Sign-on (SSO) service. Once this happens, a different log in screen will appear if you access your email through the website. This new screen will be identical to the current WINGS log in screen. If you use other methods to access your email (WINGS, Outlook or Mac Mail clients, mobile phone apps), you will not notice a difference.


What Is SSO?

The Single Sign-on (SSO) service makes it possible to log in to multiple Wright State online applications without re-entering your campus ‘w’ username and password each time. For more information about SSO, visit the CaTS Single Sign-on website.


How Does This Affect Me?

After logging in to a Wright State site using SSO, you'll be able to access other SSO-enabled sites during the same browser session without logging in again. For email specifically, here’s what you’ll see:

  • When logging in to your email through, the log in screen will be identical to the screen you see when accessing WINGS.
  • When logging in to your email through WINGS, the Outlook Client, or mobile applications, you will not notice a difference.


Future Enhancements:

CaTS has been working towards a full Single Sign-on service/system. As other services are transitioned, users will be able to sign into other online applications using one account. This allows for a smoother, simplified process when accessing different university services.



For questions about Single Sign-on, contact the CaTS Help Desk at (937) 775-4827, or email